Welcome to Version 2.0

What has changed besides the version number


Post by KJU (Product Owner OVERSUMO)

The last few months felt like a rollercoaster to us and we surprised you guys with a completely new rating system. Changing core features isn’t done lightly, but we do them with the best intentions towards the Overwatch community and the feedback we get from you. We want to take the time to speak about the latest changes, our 2.0 update, and why in holy hell we suddenly ask you for your hard-earned money and what the future will bring for Oversumo.


!!! Warning !!!

To be as transparent as possible this will be a long thread. If you are not interested in some parts, here’s what we’ll go over:


  1. Why we introduced a new rating system
  2. What we learned from your feedback
  3. Adjustments we made for 2.0
  4. Oversumo PRO a.k.a. why we ask for money
  5. Future development


1) Why we introduced a new rating system


Since we started Oversumo, our badge system (estimated rank badges based on comparing you to all players in all ranks) made us a unique tool. It’s easy to understand and can be a very emotional experience. Receiving a Grandmaster badge as a Platinum player is very motivating, but it was never intended to make you believe this is where you actually should be placed within the Overwatch rank system. Some people believed this is where they should be. Others took it with a grain of salt. And some hated it because it wasn’t accurate.We took the critique to our hearts and changed this system with our previous update.


We changed two major things:


A. Instead of comparing you to everyone, we compare you to players in your rank for Competitive Play and players in your level-range for Quick Play


B. Instead of showing you an estimated rank, we introduced a percentage from 0-200% where 100% was the average performance for players in your rank / level-range.


We tested this is in a beta, got a lot of positive feedback and decided to release this update to everyone. While we knew the update wouldn’t keep everyone happy, there was a lot of intense feedback that surprised us. We reviewed all the feedback and came up with what we have now in 2.0.


2) What we learned from your feedback


Thousands of you reached out to us with your opinions about our new system. We went through all of them and want to show you what the major feedback was from both ends (positive and negative):


Users that loved the new system: - The new system provides more meaningful insights - It's more accurate - Old ratings were inflated and communicated a wrong idea to players - Finally shows exact numbers


Users that want the old system back: - New system is harder to understand - Lacks estimated ranks - Is not as motivating anymore - The design is less appealing


Our main mission was to keep an accurate system, make it easier to understand and provide a motivational outlook. See what we adjusted in 2.0 for more details.


3) Adjustments we made for 2.0


Better explanations: - Going away from 0-200% (not natural, can be confusing) - Communicating your performance in percentiles from 0-100, telling you exactly how much % of players you outperform - Adding distribution graphs and better explanations


Goals & motivation: - Reward outstanding performance with a rank prognosis based on our data analysis - Outperforming 75% of players in your rank is an impressive achievement and our data shows that players who can keep this up will rank up eventually - On the other hand, players that consistently perform in the lowest 25% are likely to rank down


Design & appeal: - Our rank predictions and Quick Play tier icons will help you to see performance impacts at a glance - Our new color scheme should also help


We made a lot of more smaller improvements and design changes that are not listed above, but these are the major changes based on your feedback and our research.


4) Oversumo PRO a.k.a why we ask you for money


Oh yeah...intense topic! After offering a free app for more than one and a half years, we suddenly wanna reach into your pockets (how dare we!). We know this will cause some heated discussions about whether or not this is okay, why ad revenue isn’t enough, and if the price tag is fair.


In the end, we are just a bunch of nerds ourselves and appreciate free stuff as much as you do. We enjoy the game, love the community, and had just happened to have the awesome opportunity to take our professional backgrounds from app development into creating a service for a game that we play and think about all the time. But in the end, we also have to pay for our offices, computers, servers, and we also believe our employees deserve a fair salary.


We’ve always wanted to offer an awesome free service for everyone, so a paywall blocking the core features was something we never considered. We also think it's unfair to take money for features that we offered for free before.


A subscription approach is natural for a lot of gamers. We believe that supporting your favorite streamer on Twitch or the Oversumo team with a subscription is a fair deal. To make this subscription worthwhile, we added some features that can only be accessed by subscribing (just like sub-only events and emojis for a stream). Because in the end, you still wanna get something for your money. We hope we found a fair balance of what we offer for free and what you will get on top for supporting us.


5) Future development


Going on from here, we most importantly want to say that we will still develop new free features for everyone to enjoy, while we will also introduce new sub-only features.


We are also looking forward to more data that we can access from Blizzard to build features that give you even deeper insights into your performance.


Our mission is not only to give you an accurate evaluation of your performance based on stats but also help you to understand how to improve your game. Our hero tips already provide some help, but we are committed to going even bigger here.


Our vision is clear and our motivation is unparalleled. Thank you for your support and your feedback.


Your dearest Oversumo Team <3