3090 with 750w PSU

3090 with 750w PSU: Is The Combination Accurate?

Being a gamer requires having a powerful GPU. And the RTX 3090 is a noteworthy one. And to get the best output, you need an accurate PSU.

And 750w PSUs are very well known for this task.

So, how good is a 3090 with 750w PSU?

3090 runs okay with a 750w PSU. This is what Nvidia suggests anyway. However, for a beast like 3090, a power supply of 850 w is suggested in general. This is because of the heavy power it drives. The processor and its generation also plays an important factor in deciding the right wattage.

To know details about these, you have to scroll below. I have discussed the matter elaborately to clear all your doubts.

Factors Deciding The Required Power Supply for RTX 3090

Selecting the required power supply for the computer is not an easy task. The power supply controls the overall power input of the computer. So the capability of the power supply units must not be decided on only one factor.

This work does not depend on only one factor. Like choosing between 2 140mm & 3 120mm fans, PSUs also depend on several aspects. So all these aspects are to be checked thoroughly. I will try to explore these factors to clear your doubts. 

The graphics card is one of the most power-consuming parts of the computer. It is used for heavy graphical works. So it needs a great amount of power for its functionality. With continuous upgrades, the PSUs are becoming more power-hungry.

RTX 3090 power supply must have a large capacity. Because it is the very latest model of the RTX graphics card series. However, besides the power supply unit, the processor of the computer plays a big role too.

The processor is another power-pulling unit of the computer. It runs the entire device. Hence it also requires a great amount of energy to work with. Besides these two, the motherboard slots also significantly affect power consumption. 

So the RTX 3090 power supply calculator depends on all these factors. Before getting the power supply unit you must calculate the wattage of these devices. Only then the accurate PSU can be selected for RTX 3090.

Recommended PSU for RTX 3090 – Is 750 Watt Adequate?

The best way to select PSUs for graphics cards is to look at their recommendation. The manufacturer of the graphics card provides this information.

From this information, you will get to know about 3090 PSU requirements. Then you can collect the best one for you.

Source: binarylogic

Nvidia is the manufacturer of the famous RTX series. They released the RTX 3090 in September of 2021. While releasing the card they suggested using a 750 watts PSU with it. The capacity of their recommended PSU is equal to the RTX 3080 PSU requirements.

However, there are some terms behind this power supply selection. They suggested this power supply for using the RTX 3090 with Intel Core i9 processors.

Also, the processor should be of the 10th generation, like the Core i9-10900K. On top of that, most gamers tend to use i9 10th generation with 3090.

The Core i9 is the latest Intel processor. And the 10th generation is its second latest generation. So this processor pulls power like a magnet. If you use an older processor, the power consumption will decrease. 

In such a case the recommended 750-watt Power Supply Unit won’t be valid for you. You would need something between 500 to 650 w.

And if you use the 11th generation Core i9 processor, it’ll need a more powerful PSU. Then the 750-watt PSU won’t suffice your need. In that case, you would need something like EVGA 1000 P2 which is 1000 watts.

Source: nexus

Besides PSUs, you will need high-quality cooling fans for your PC. I have some suggestions for you. Have a look at them!

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These are the best products available in the market. 

Moreover, this calculation also changes for using any other processor. Suppose you are using an AMD Ryzen processor. The power suction of Ryzen processors is not the same as the Intel processors. So, is 750w enough for RTX 3090 and 5900x?

Yes, a 750-watt Power supply unit will be enough to run RTX 3090 and 5900x. The minimum capacity of the PSU should be 700 watts to run them. If it is less than 750, the computer will shut down while performing heavy jobs.

In case you are confused about choosing the right PSU, we can help. Here’s our recommendation for some of the best 750 w PSU out there.

Corsair 2RM 750x135 mm ML fan for cooling Grab it today!
MSI MPG Series A750GFGreat modular designGrab it today!
NZXT C750Zero RPM fan mode for silent operationGrab it today!

So the best PSU for 3090 depends on both the graphics card and the processor. Also, you must keep a gap between the highest usage and capacity of the PSU. This is needed for the safety of the computer. 

You have to consider all these before deciding whether a 750w PSU is enough or not. Depending on your use, 750 watts can be insufficient or excess wattage for PSU.

So to be absolutely safe, an 850 w psu would be a wise choice. Like the Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 850W. It has superior cooling fans of 140 mm hydraulic bearing fans. This is more than enough for fueling up your 3090 beast.

Problems of Running RTX 3090 with PSU less than 750 w

For getting the best output from your RTX 3090 you must use the accurate power supply unit. Or else your computer will suffer from various problems. 

As we’ve discussed already, 750 w is sufficient but 850 w offers a better output. This is suitable for something like 3090 to handle the overhead. 

I have discussed some common issues of using PSUs smaller than 750 w.

Blue Screen 

The most common result of using an inaccurate PSU is a blue screen. The computer suddenly blacks out. Then a blue screen appears. The user becomes unable to use the computer in such a situation. 

The RTX 3090 gets hanged and all the ongoing work can get lost. Blue screens can happen due to lots of reasons. But a solid cause behind a blue screen is an insufficient power supply unit. So you must use a high-capacity power supplier. 

Sudden Restart 

Another side effect of the unmatched power supply unit is a sudden restart of the computer. This happens when the PSU can not handle the power load. As a result, it gives up and stops the power supply. Thus the computer restarts by itself.

Sudden restarts are bad for the computer. The RTX 3090 card and motherboard get affected by it. Also, the computer operator gets annoyed because of losing his work. The working ability of the computer decreases too.

Computer Stops Working 

The computer can stop working because of an insufficient power supply unit.

Graphics cards like the RTX 3090 fail to function if the PSU can’t carry its load. So the overall computer shuts down. Sometimes the computer does not even start.

These are all the side effects of using the wrong PSU with your RTX 3090. Only carefulness and correct PSUs can save you from these issues. Be aware while making your choice to select the power supply.

I hope now you’re aware of the problems. Let’s get into the FAQ segment.


Can I use 750w with 3080? 

Yes, you can use 750w with 3080. The recommended power supply unit for RTX 3080 is 750w. So you can use these PSUs without any tension. However, by upgrading or downgrading various components, this wattage can be decreased. So correct calculation is a must.

How much power does a 3090 use? 

The RTX 3090 uses about 250 watts. But this wattage is calculated for the basic version of the card. If you overclock your RTX 3090 graphics card, the power usage will increase. The usage can increase up to 150 watts because of this.

Will a 750w PSU be enough for a 3090?

Yes, a 750w PSU is enough for a 3090. The RTX 3090 uses a high amount of power for its functions. So the power supply unit must be able to supply this vast amount. And for that, a high-capacity PSU is needed. The 750w PSU is a high-capacity PSU. It can handle a high power supply. 


This is all on a 3090 with 750w PSU. I hope that you can select the power supply easily now.

If you are confused about the PSU, take help from a professional. Any computer components provider will help you in this regard.

Best of luck!

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