6KRO vs NKRO- Which Key Rollover Gets You Covered?

Mechanical keyboards have a separate fanbase, right? You are going to buy one but less knowledge puts you into trouble? 

Worry not, we are going there! In this article, key differences of various key rollovers you can find out.

So, what are the main differences in 6KRO vs NKRO?

Well, NKRO shows how many keys you have pressed at a time but 6KRO distinctly deals with 6 keys indeed. In terms of keystrokes counting, 6KRO serves up to 10 million. The 6-key also highly prevents ghosting. But a full n-key rollover wins it over having more than 50 million keystrokes.

But that’s not all! We have prepared this article for articulating more interesting facts too. So, spare us a few minutes to walk through this article! 

Now, let’s dive in!

6KRO vs NKRO: A Quick Glimpse

Now, it’s time to take a glimpse of 6KRO vs NKRO!

Ground of Comparison6KRONKRO
Number of Key Rollover6Every press you register
Gaming ExperienceNicerAverage
Multi-user ModeAverageTop-notch
KeystrokesUp to 10 millionMore than 50 million
Keyboard TypesMostly MechanicalMembrane And Mechanical Both
PricingAround $100 to $150Varying a lot from cheaper to expensive (including membrane and mechanical keyboards)

Enough of quick comparisons in your head? Leave some space there! Now, we will dive into the in-detail comparison.

Which One Has A Better Key Rollover And Ghosting?

Now let’s see the key rollover and ghosting in both of these keyboards.


6KRO comes quite specific as it allows you 6-key at the same time. 

Meanwhile, ghosting comes as an interruption due to the inability to register higher keystrokes. For example, you have registered 6 keys at a time while you got 6KRO. 

It will automatically stop registering once it hits the six keys. These additional unpressed keys are often known as ghosting. 

Got into trouble during gaming for unregistered keys? Well, quality gaming keyboards often bring a 6-key rollover at the minimum rate. 

So, purchasing a 6KRO will be a standard one. It will allow you to do fast typing along with a smoother gaming experience. 

So, mostly mechanical keyboards will let you experience higher keystrokes. But the rubber dome keyboards have fewer rollovers than 6-key.


Simply, key rollover counts how many keys are pressed simultaneously at a time. Most of the standard keyboards obtain the ability to press 1 or 2 key rollovers

So, it does not matter whether you press extra or not. These keyboards can not register keystrokes as per your demand. But NKRO doesn’t contain modifier keys such as Ctrl, Win, Alt, or Shift.

These keyboards usually avoid working once reaching the highest number of rollovers. That’s where NKRO had begun in delivering you more keystrokes.

Meanwhile, have you got deep pockets along with requiring professional tasks to do? NKRO will make you able by registering every keystroke you press.

Verdict: 6KRO wins this segment over.

Which Key Rollover Has The Higher Keystrokes?

Now let’s see which key rollover has the higher keystrokes.


Usually, a 6-key rollover offers more than 10 million keystrokes in a lifetime. 

Even if you increase the rollover, still it may allow around this number of keystrokes. However, you will get much backlighting such as RGB or other extra features in the 6KRO. 


Meanwhile, NKRO highly suits keystrokes and no objection will be found. 

Coming with a commitment to deliver 50+ million keystrokes is extraordinary. 

Now you might get confused as to choosing a keyboard with NKRO. For that, here’s our recommendation on NKRO keyboards.

Product NameFeaturePrice
HYSSP Wireless Mechanical Gaming KeyboardBluetooth 5.0 wireless connection. 12 backlight modes,PBT material keycapsGrab it Now!
AOC Gaming Full RGB Mechanical KeyboardBlue mechanical switches1 ms of high polling rateGrab it Now!
Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical KeyboardBrown switches Programmable keysGrab it Now!

NKRO for the win here.

Which Key Rollover Has Got The Better Gaming Experience?

So, if you are a rapid typist, or gamer, having a 6KRO will be enough. 

But there is an interesting fact that supports NKRO. If a keyboard is used among several people, 6KRO is not suitable. For this reason, having NKRO will decide a smoother typing journey. 

You can explore this, if your mechanical keyboard spacebar stops working!

Based on each user, it can register a variety of keystrokes without any major issue. Along with that, playing stenography, tune emulation, music games, etc., are quite flexible through NKRO. 

So, instead of relying on PS/2 or USB, the NKRO keyboard gets you covered.

If it’s a multi-user purpose, NKRO highly suits. For a smoother gaming experience, 6KRO is suitable.

Which Key Rollover Is The Best For You?

You have already got to know what an NKRO keyboard is. But still, there is something more that remains undiscovered. 

However, NKRO is a single word, and several rollovers are contained in it. Generally, NKRO shelters from 2-key rollovers to even full n-key rollovers. 

Meanwhile, you would not find missing 3,4,5, or even tending to even 14-keys! Feeling surreal about it? Well, are you a general PC/laptop user? 

Then, pressing up to 3 or 4 keys at a time will be high enough. Eventually, being fond of gaming or excessive loads of work can put you into trouble. But how? 

Well, we can spell you many game names that require several pressing. For these reasons, you will be requiring full n-key rollovers

However, choosing NKRO gives flexibility. As a result, you will be able to choose different loads of work accordingly. 

And NKRO keyboards will smoothly assist you in completing tasks. Requiring fewer pressings at the same time? It can do that easily! 

Even if you play the higher rollover-ability games, NKRO will also let you do that.

Meanwhile, 6 key rollovers or 6KRO cap out 6 keys at a time. In terms of pricing 6KRO keyboards do a suitable job for you. 

Coming with a cost-effective price highly attracts users’ eyeballs. Also, if you are a regular user, getting a full n-key is not mandatory. 

Apart from the gaming context, full n-key rollover is not always required. As a result, you may be doing work confined to 3 or 4 keys simultaneously. 

6KRO also makes you feel like having a personalized keyboard. Also, many 6KRO keyboards come with serving a huge number of registering inputs. 

It also shows the higher durability of your keyboard.

However, users often find mechanical keyboard’s switches get jammed. You can choose kaihua box white or halo true for switches.

If you are searching for gaming keyboards, then 6KRO can be the ideal pick for you! However, NKRO comes with tons of benefits too which makes it a better choice overall. 

How To Test If Your Keyboard Got NKRO Or Other Types?

Wanna see whether you have got NKRO or 6KRO or even less one? This interesting fact-checking has some easy steps to follow. 

There are major 3 options you can go for. 

Aqua Key Test- This test platform built by Windows is easily downloadable. Running steps are easier. Also, you don’t need to download it. 

Instead of using their website will get you to the direct assessment.

Rollover test- This easy-to-go test also is user-friendly and brings out more accurate results. 

Keyboard Ghosting Demonstration- Microsoft built this website application to run and test your keyboard.

Also, explore a free online rollover test taker for exact keyboard rollover.


How Should I Use NKRO?

NKRO represents the N-Key Rollover. In other words, it’s the ability to identify accurately with your keyboard. So, all the keys you press here will be simultaneously registered. As many keys as you like are highly permitted. Unlike others, barely any restrictions are here while working on NKRO.

Are 6 Key Rollovers Sufficient For My Gaming Experience?

The good-rated gaming keyboards bring at least 6 key rollovers in terms of sidestep ghosting. Rollovers such as 6KRO enable having adequate simultaneous keystrokes. However, N-key rollovers allow you to register every keystroke. It is also a beast performer for any competitive-level arrangement.

Are All Mechanical And Membrane Keyboards NKRO?

Mostly, 2KRO and 3KRO belong to the membrane keyboards. Meanwhile, mechanical keyboards come with NKRO. If not, then having 20KRO has a bigger chance. However, many reasonable keyboards include only 2KRO. But the higher-end keyboards such as mechanical keyboards come with 6KRO or higher.

Final Words

Hopefully, you have got a vast overview of 6KRO vs NKRO. We put effort into spilling the beans in this article. 

From the next purchase, you will get to differentiate keyboards properly. And choosing the right one will serve you for a long time.

Keep this enthusiasm!

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