Can Carmex Be Used As Lube

Can Carmex Be Used As Lube For Keyboard Switches?

Got yourself into trouble while maintaining a mechanical keyboard? You might also have experienced scratchy sound inside keyboard switches. 

Then, did you try the Carmex brand for lubing somehow? Well, we have got all of your answers.

So, can Carmex be used as lube while cleaning keyboard switches?

Yes, obviously you can use Carmex as lube! To fix your jammed switches, remove all of them first. After that, lubing the springs is an ideal approach. You will also be needing bottom, top houses, and the stem to lube. The whole process will require Krytox greasing oils before ending with reassembly. 

That’s not all! In this article, we will show the process of an ideal lubing too. So, spare us a few minutes to show you.

Let’s dig deeper!

Types of Keyboard Switches

Generally, you will find three types of keyboard switches. These are linear switch, tactile switch, and clicky switch.

Among these, a linear switch is the most straightforward one. It will always be the same from start pressing to bottom out the key. 

No tangible feedback or clangor sound while plugging the actuation point you will find. 

Meanwhile, a tactile switch delivers a tactile response. Along with that, noticing a tiny bump while pressing the key down is common here. 

As a result, you get to know the completed registration by pressing the key. 

Why To Lube Switches?

Surfaces that touch and push each other may get jammed over time. Lubricating it can lessen dissent and keeps the switches drifting greasier.

Meanwhile, using a keyboard regularly will throw you into trouble. After a long time, you may find buttons are not clicky enough. 

That’s where lube handles work very gently. Also, your stabilizers can get this benefit out of lubing.

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Can Carmex Be Used As An Alternative?

Yes, you definitely can use Carmex Lip Balm as an alternative!

And it’s totally right and conventional. Apart from using clicky switches, it highly suits the mechanism indeed.

Consumers often ask if this is whale sperm. Well, no. No whale sperm, nor any whale product is used in this lip balm. 

Just like Carmex moisturizes and smoothes your dry lips, switches also get benefitted. 

Krytox 205g0 stays real-smooth with a soapy sense. The less you put it the better it delivers. Also, you may find Tribosys greases that come thinner. 

But these form a faster and smoother feel in the long run. Meanwhile, Krytox 105 Oil is specialized to control spring ping only.

Find out our recommended lubes for keyboard switches!

Product NameFeaturePrice
Keyboard Lube Grease GPL 105Suitable to use in springsGrab it today!
Chemours Krytox GPL105This oil lasts a lot longer. So it lasts longerGrab it today!
Gliging Switches Lube Oil GPL105 It can also be used in springs. This is enough to lubricate 300 switches Grab it today!

To minimize the annoying clicking sound, use a case foam or plate foam for your keyboards!

How to Lube on Keyboard Switches?

Lastly, the clicky type has an extra click sound during hitting the actuation.

The clicking sound that a mechanical keyboard brings is so heavenly. Compared to membrane keyboards, you won’t miss a vibrant or clacky rhythm against your clicking. 

However, getting no higher satisfaction? Little springs inside the keyboard switch might start pinging. Or even a scratching sound that you are not fond of? 

Then, you just need to detach the switches and start lubing these with Carmex. Following an ideal way, stepwise will allow you to do it perfectly. 

Let’s dig deeper!

Step 1: Removing Switches From The Keyboard

Pulling out these is not hard as it often seems. Even if you have got hot-swapping keyboards, these will take less time. 

Source: tomshardware

Hexgears impulse is quite exemplary in this scenario for easy pulling. However, having a tough time with detaching? 

Then, going to desolder the switches will be an ideal step. Along with that, the option of desoldering from traditional soldered keyboards is also open. 

Both ways, we talk about losing switches. So, hot-swappable keyboards are the best in this field.

Step 2: Taking Switches Apart

Now, take up your trusted switch opener. There will be tabs slotted into the switches if you look closely. 

Cherry-based switches carry two tabs. These two tabs contain the whole part of the bottom housing. 

Meanwhile, it requires two inner surfaces inside the opener. And compared to each style switch, it needs one with two tabs fronting upward. 

Also, it can have one with four too. Now, place the switches on the opener and sort the tabs on both sides. 

Then, start pressing the stem down as well as the top housing. It will force the tabs against the opener. And it enables the switch to pop. 

However, no enormous force is required here. Just pushing a little bit will do the trick for you. Now it’s time to pull off the housing top. 

In this manner, each component will be nicely separated. Including, spring, stem, top, and bottom housing. 

Here’s a tip to consider-

Trying this out with clicky switches may not bring you the expected result. Clicky switches lose their click sounds through this process. 

But the other two types will work nicely indeed. 

Step 3: Lubing Springs

Well, you will discover two ways to lube springs. Simple path or the painstaking path. 

The simple one relies on placing the springs on a tiny plastic bag. Then, pick Carmex or  grease such as Krytox 105 so that you can drop it down there. 

Per 10 to 20 springs may require only 5 to 6 drops of Carmex. But still, you can explore dropping on your own. 

Simple steps are highly suited to get a light coating on the springs. That’s why we take this unusual process. Now, it’s time to close most parts of the baggie. 

Why do we keep an opening portion? Well, this area is just to blow into. As a result, blowing air will make the bag inflated. 

Then, zip it up and shake it energetically. This mixture will lead to springs having a nice coat. 

Doing it for a minute or two is enough. Then, place springs in the lube station after emptying the bag is required. 

Meanwhile, a paintbrush can be used. Pour it with the lube that you picked earlier. And then paint the spring with this lube to get coats. 

As soon as a shiny, lighter vibe has come, you can stop this process. 

Step 4: Lubing Bottom House

Now, the bottom housing you will require where linear, tactile suit Krytox and Trybosis grease

In this manner, a light gloss of lubing is achievable. But if you get white globs, it exceeds the limit of shining.

Step 5: Lubing The Stem

Lastly, pick the stem of the switch. And start brushing so that it gets a mild coating. This coat will also eliminate the excess. 

Once it’s done, start lubing the stem. 

Step 6: Reassembling Switches

It’s all about reassembling where you take the bottom housing. Then, place springs in and stem put into the spring.

Step 7: Placing Switches On The Keyboard

Finally! It’s time to send the switches back to their home. You will find a smoother feeling along with a nicer sound afterward.


What can I utilize Carmex for?

Carmex is a lip balm brand coming to dampen and soften our skin. A lot of work like removing stickers, and others. You can put this lubricant on the drawer tracks or glass to clear the fog. Also, smoothing stuck zippers, and reducing friction on bar clamps are key usages.

How do I know If my keyboard switching needs lubing?

Your keyboard switches need lubing if your keyboard switches have caught extra scratches. It may also sound unusual or rattly. At least these reasons are enough to separate the switches and lube them. Usually, a mechanical keyboard does not get us into trouble. 

What is a lip balm made out of?

Emollients are the key ingredient behind making this lip moisturization. These oils bring slickness, damp texture along with shining to attract. Emollients can come in a large variety including synthetic, or other flavors. You will find coloring agents too. Iron oxide or mica brings a glittery vibe.

Final Words

Now you know the answer to can Carmex be used as lube? Hopefully, you have got an overall brief throughout it. 

So, no more scratchy or unusual vibes you will get once Carmex heals switches. Also, you can also recommend it to others. 

Still, got any questions? Let us know!

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