Can You Plug CPU Fan Into System Fan

Can You Plug CPU Fan Into System Fan? A Detailed Guide

A balanced airflow is always a must when you have a sophisticated build. Good airflow in your CPU will keep the system away from overheating. But sometimes there can be issues with CPU fan headers. 

You might look for an alternative input system for your CPU fan to be connected with. 

You might even wonder, can you plug cpu fan into system fan?

Yes, you can connect the CPU fan to the system fan. But there would be a few conditions to do it. That is, you need to see if there is a fan connected to the CPU header. If yes, then you can do it without any hesitation. If there is no fan connected, you need to follow some other methods.

Why don’t you take a look by yourself and find out how to connect the CPU fan to the SYS fan. 

So, get started now!

Is There a Way to Connect the CPU Fan to the System Fan?

A common concern that has come up is about the CPU fan connection. Is it possible to connect the CPU fan to the system fan

Well, yes, you can connect the CPU fan to the system fan, fortunately. But you need to see one thing if you want to do it.

That is, you must have a fan attached to the CPU header. But if this is not applicable then you would come across an error. Because this is generally turned off in the BIOS settings.

In that case, you need to run both the fans off system fan headers. This would help to put up their RPM at the same rate. 

And this also helps to turn off the error in the BIOS program. So, yes, you can technically connect your CPU fan to the system fan.

What Happens If I Fail to Connect the CPU Fan Correctly?

Remember that connecting the CPU fan to the system fan slot is not that easy. You need to be subtle when you operate these types of actions.

Because these types of technical operations make the PC quite vulnerable. That means you must operate these carefully to prevent your PC from having any issues.

And connecting the CPU fan is no way less severe. So, if you fail to connect the CPU fan correctly, there would be a bunch of issues actually.

Problems associated with USB repeat rate acceleration may be common. Although some of them might be fixable and negligible, there could be many severe problems. 

Wiring damages and frequent noises from the CPU might also occur. But going into the deep, you may see more problems like freezing and shutting down suddenly. 

However, common problems like wiring can easily be resolved. If not then you may also replace the wirings when you need them. 

But CPU wirings are not like the normal ones. So, do not just randomly choose one for this. 

Now, confused about it? Well, here is the idea that you need.

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Hope this helps!

Getting back to the problems-

CPU misdoings can be fatal in terms of accidents.

A short fire break or explosion may also result due to misdoings of this. So, you know that failing to connect the CPU fan properly would be accidental.

What to Do If I Fail to Connect the CPU Fan Properly?

The first thing you would probably do is get stressed up. But hold on. You can actually fix this if you spot the problem within the time.

If you can recognize the problem then it would be great. But even if you can not do that, just do not run the PC. If you have already turned on the PC, turn it off immediately. 

And then let that rest for a few moments. Make sure you have got no water or electricity around the CPU. Next, open the casing and unplug the fan connector carefully. 

Now all you can do is to figure out how to connect the fan properly. And finally, connect it with the motherboard. All this might make you a bit confused so why don’t you take a look at this video.

If you still facing issues with making proper connections, then contact an expert. He can identify the respective problem and fix it accordingly.

So, this is how you deal with the situation when you misdo the CPU connection. Now, look what should perfect wiring of the CPU should look like.

How are CPU Fans and System Fans Different?

You may know or have heard that the CPU fan and system fan are the same connectors. That might even make you wonder if you can use case fan instead of cpu fan. But these two are not quite the same actually. 

The system fans are used to connect to the PC case fans. These fans ensure the airflow inside the casing. On the other hand, a CPU fan works for the temperature control of the CPU. 

That is, a CPU fan makes sure there is sufficient airflow in and out. So that the CPU does not get hot and malfunction. 

CPU fan is also more costly than system fans. Because they directly affect the temperature of the processor. 

As a result, you can not mix up a CPU fan with the system fan.

How Long Can a CPU Fan Work?

A CPU fan can be lasting lifelong or can be damaged very fast. This actually depends on how you use it. 

Although you do not use it directly, there is a strong connection. And running a PC properly is the first factor for this.

You must also make sure that there is no dust around the CPU fan. Because dust might get clogged and create small chunks of it.

And this would be enough to damage the CPU and further your PC too. If you can then clean your CPU fan after a couple of days.

Source: Newegg

Because this would help the fan to operate even better. And you would feel better running your PC with smoother processing.

However, do not clean it too often. Because disassembling and assembling the fan often might not be convenient.

So, this is why you may use it lifetime or may damage it anytime. But CPU fans are generally long-lasting if not for a lifetime.

But even if you face issues with your CPU fan then I recommend using these fans. I have personally used all these coolers and none of them disappointed me.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why has my CPU fan suddenly stopped spinning?

The CPU fan suddenly stopping spinning is not that common in general. Despite the fact of being unusual, the problem is not that serious. This generally happens if there are any random issues with the wirings. But this might also happen if the fan gets clogged with dust.

Can I check my CPU fan if it is running properly?

Yes, you can check the CPU fan anytime if it is running or not. Although you can not check it with automatic inspection, you can do it manually. Just look at the CPU to see the fan where it is located. You can see if the fan is spinning properly or not. But don’t try touching the fan.

Will my PC run if the CPU fan is not running?

No, your PC would not run anyway without a CPU fan running. You can not even run your PC if the CPU fan or cooler fails to function properly. Do not try to run your PC without it. Because you might not be able to turn it on. Even if you turn on your PC, there is a high chance to have a fatal accident.

The Final Words

Now you know can you plug the CPU fan into the system fan or not! We are certain that you would not need any more information for this concern.

Do not forget one thing. You must keep the CPU fan clean all the time. Because this fan getting clogged would be very problematic for your PC. 

All the best with setting up your PC!

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