Can You Put A Case Fan On A CPU Cooler

Can You Put A Case Fan On A CPU Cooler? [Explained]

At times, your PC might need some extra care in the cooling department. Your CPU cooler may already be doing a great job. But still, you are thinking about adding some case fans as well!

Another scenario is that your CPU fan might have malfunctioned. Thus, you might want to use a case fan in the place of your CPU fan. Because they are quite cheap or you have some spare fans.

At the end of the day, the main question is, can you put a case fan on a cpu cooler?

Yes, you obviously can put your case fan on top of your cooler. There isn’t any severe problem with using multiple case fans as well. Also, you can use a case fan instead of a CPU fan. However, there are some things you have to consider. For example, mounting place, orientation, usage level and so on. 

Now that you understand what you might need to know, it’s time. Time for what you ask? Well, to explore everything!

Let’s start!

Is it Okay to Put a Case Fan on Your CPU Cooler?

The very first thing everyone asks is whether to use a case fan or cpu cooler. But they tend to forget there is no need to choose one or another! You can use both of them simultaneously and get better results!

Here’s a build with both the fans aligning together.

Nevertheless, you might still be a bit skeptical about it. Worry not as I’m here to fend off all your worries.

First, let me address the elephant in the room. Yes, you can put a case fan on your CPU cooler. But you must remember to check the computer fan name or brand. Because different brands have different power and specs.

Then, you have to consider the orientation of the fan location. A typical PWM fan delivers the best output when the push-pull system gets proper ventilation. 

Source: Windows Central

However, always be careful about what your requirements are. Because depending on your preference and requirements, the choice should be made.

So, you now know that case fans and CPU coolers go well together. But do you know if it’s okay to replace the CPU fans with case fans? 

If you want to learn more about that, head on to the next segment!

Can You Replace CPU Cooler Fans with Case Fans?

Let me tell you straight. Case fans and CPU fans are two very different things. So, you might be thinking, “can CPU fans be used as case fans?”. Yes, you can interchange them if the situation comes.

While the outcome will not be the same, still you can do that. You need to keep a few things in check, like the placement of mounting holes, orientation and power input.

With that being cleared, time to check if you should use a CPU cooler or case fan in your setup?

New CPU Cooler Vs Replacement Case Fans

Before giving you the answer, some clarifications about these two things need to be made. These are not exactly competing for components for your PC. Rather both of these fans or coolers help to make your PC better.

So, try to keep an open mind. Now, let’s start the main discussion.

You can use a case fan on cpu cooler, as mentioned before. But that only applies when you are using your computer for normal tasks. For example, editing or creating documents, making presentations, sending emails, and so on.

These types of tasks don’t require an additional cooling system like water or liquid cooling. So, you’ll get by using your case fans without much problem.

The problem arises when you start overclocking your CPU. On such occasions, your CPU gets heated up quickly and you’ll encounter throttling issues. 

To prevent your PC from burning up, use a more powerful cooling system. As a heavy PC user, I would love to recommend some of the best CPU fans of different price points.

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So do add a cooling fan if you’re a heavy user. Otherwise, you and your computer will perish big time. So, be careful what you go for. 

Now, you still might want to use case fans on your cooler. The next segment is just to answer that!

The Effects of Using Case Fan with Your CPU Cooler

With that said, let’s see what are the effects of using case fans with a CPU cooler.

First of all, using case fans on the CPU cooler will increase the noise. Because you are using more fans than before. 

When you push the processor with heavy tasks, you may hear comparatively loud noises. But that’s only the bad thing.

There are good things too! Your CPU won’t get too hot and will be 3–5 degrees less hot than before. By before I mean without any fans obviously.

That’s actually not bad when you consider all the stress your PC faces.

Along with lower CPU temperature, you’ll get slightly better performance too. Because your PC won’t throttle too much and deliver consistent output. But make sure you mount the fans well enough.

Also, not to mention the case fans are almost half the price of cooling fans. So, you’ll save a lot of money there.

So, those are the effects of using case fans on the CPU cooler. Interestingly, you may also think of using two different fans. For your curious mind, I got just the thing you need.

Using Two Different Fans on a CPU Cooler

You might have gone past thinking, “Do I need a case fan?”. So, you’re ready to use two different types of fans on your CPU cooler. But there may be some complications that you might encounter.

Using two different fans is not the proper way. In an ideal situation, it’s best to use the same type of fans on your cooler. The same can be said for plugging the CPU fan into the system fan

Still, you might want to use them regardless of their differences. If so, make sure they have the same RPM and CFM. Otherwise, your PC will see a serious performance drop due to improper fan systems.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

Also, if you don’t have case fans and are planning to purchase, don’t look further! Here are some top recommendations from me-

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Getting back on the topic, two different fans won’t really help you change the heat and temperature reduction. The slight change in performance will be barely noticeable. 

So, it’s better to use only one good-quality case fan!

All that is left to discuss is the other cooling options available for you. Because why not! We all want to upgrade our PC to get the best results. 

So, let’s look at those now.

Other Cooling Options

Excluding the fan cooling system, there are some (better!) cooling systems available. Those are liquid (coolant) cooling systems, water cooling systems, and many more. 

Even using a good vapor chamber helps cool down the CPU as well.

While these cooling options are superior, they are definitely costly. It won’t be affordable as case fans, but they are extraordinarily effective. If you use these types of cooling, your PC will get a significant performance boost. 

What’s the most interesting thing about liquid cooling? You can use case fans with them without any issue. Using two fans more your top and rear exhaust will cool your PC like ice!

So, you can also consider these types of cooling solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many CPU Coolers Should I Use?

Generally, your computer system needs only one CPU cooler. Many of the CPUs or processors come with a built-in stock cooler. You can make do with that if the quality and performance are good. But, you can use one or two extra coolers if you really want to. For that, you’ll get higher performance.

How Can I Improve My CPU Cooler?

To improve your cooler performance, you can use a space with good ventilation. Along with that, cleaning your casing fans provides better output too. Make sure your system case is closed well to keep it away from dust. Lastly, using a good computer power supply fan can increase cooler performance.

Can You Put Too Many Fans On PC?

In most cases, using two fans is good enough for your everyday tasks. While you can use more than two, it’s not that effective in heat reduction. You can get around 2-3 degrees of temperature reduction by using extra fans. Also, the performance boost is not that significant as well. 

Wrapping Up

There’s nothing much left to say now. You got the answer about can you put a case fan on a cpu cooler

So, there’s only one thing left to do. Put that case fan onto your CPU cooler.

Hopefully, you’ll be satisfied after the whole process.

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