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Why Is My CPU Fan Blocking RAM Slot? [4 Top Reasons]

Struggling with the blockage of the CPU fan over the RAM inside? Seemingly, this issue might get RAM slots bending over the fan. As a concerned user, this nature won’t satisfy you, does it? 

Keeping the PC integrated is not an easy task. So, before throwing this issue aside, we want you to explore this a bit. In this article, we will look closer at that.

So, why does your CPU fan blocking ram slot?

Mainly, CPU fan blocking ram slots happen for less space shared between the fan and the RAM. Small-sized computer cases also might create this. And, you can not ignore choosing an incorrect-sized CPU fan. Overheating issues generated from the fan affect the RAM slot. And, the RAM might end up being damaged.

We have not finished telling these in detail yet. So, let’s cut straight to the chase!

Reasons Behind CPU Fan Blocking Ram Slot

CPU fan blocking ram slot is very common. A lot of people face it.

It’s time to look deeper to diagnose different reasons and the limitations behind it!

Reason 1: Tinier Sizing of a PC Case

PC or computer cases are available in countless shapes and sizes. Meanwhile, you should know why it puts importance on positioning materials like RAM, etc. You will find here physically mounted actual components. 

Things such as hard drive, motherboard, optical drive, floppy disk drive, etc., are there. Along with that, installing cooler fans and sensitive parts like RAMs need enough space. 

So, the wrong and tinier sizing of the PC case might increase your trouble. As a result, keeping them in a congested area creates a higher chance to collide. 

An issue like this troubles gamers a lot. They might not find their gaming RAMs like t-force RAM rgb unable to work


Well, it’s always better to buy a standard-sizing computer case. It will allow all of your PC materials to easily settle down inside. 

As a result, bundling these with a power supply won’t cause any issues at all.

Reason 2: Incorrect Sizing of Fans

The lack of buying the correct size of the CPU fan is another key reason. However, it will depend on your processor. So, trying to change the fan accordingly will be the best move.

If your processor is a Core 2 Duo or equivalent, then your LGA would be 775. On the other hand, utilizing i3, i5, etc., might require a different LGA. Such as 1151, 1155, etc., can be the ideal choice for those processors. 

Meanwhile, LGA stands for Land Grid Array. This socket works fine between the PCB and the processor. More importantly, this array differs from processor to processor. As a result, you might need a different kind of these for a specific CPU fan.

What if you have got 1150 or 1151 version LGA? Then, these fans are exchangeable.


While buying a new fan, make sure it matches the previous fan’s LGA version. Along with that, choose a standard CPU fan that suits the PC case nicely. 

Unless, how good the fan can serve will be nothing but money in vain.

Reason 3: Overheating Issue of the Fan

The heating caused to the fan might keep blocking the RAM. In the long run, this might damage this RAM badly. 

So, keep in mind using those materials that can prevent overheating. CPU fans are usually used for cooling purposes. In the meantime, overheating might turn the whole scenario into a worse one. 

Along with that, keeping the whole PC case united is a real challenge. Loads of sensitive parts are there asking for regular cleaning and observation. 

Meanwhile, RAM is one of the precious materials inside needing enough attention. The fan positioning at a typical angle might put an effect on the RAM. 

So, concerning this earlier is better. The earlier you take action, the more the RAM stays safer. 


In this scenario, using thermal paste might be the best option ever. However, this paste comes along with many RAM brands. If you didn’t get it, unfortunate you are! 

So, all you need to do is manage this thing. And then, put it together with the CPU fan!

This action lets the fan keep cooler than ever. Along with that, efficiency also boosts up! 

So, no side effects are there! Just plug this in and boom! Usually, premium zinc oxide thermal paste costs no more than USD 8 to 15. But here’s a quick tip for you! We recommend the SYY 2 Grams CPU Paste Thermal.

If you have a CPU fan that is original or older, then go for it! Otherwise, applying it will not be the best case. 

Reason 4: Less Space Between the Fan and the RAM

If you find the RAM in a difficult and tinier space? Then, it’s quite necessary to open it. This action helps your RAM go through a diagnosing process.

CPU fan blocking ram slot
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What changes you should make and what not will be clearly visible. But the fan itself is the biggest rival here. As the CPU fan stays there in a tightly-mounted state, removing it might require some tricks. 


Start with the removal of the fan! Once the fan is detached, your duty does not get terminated. Rather, you should clean it up with a brush. 

After a good cleaning and adding some lubricants to it, you find it charming. Consequently, installing it for the second time won’t be a regretful event for you. 

You will find different RAM slots located next to the processor. And, you get it on the motherboard following the A1, A2, etc., for the RAM slots

Once you find out the location of RAM modules, half the work is done already. Relevantly, if you find no beeps while removing RAM, it indicates the existing motherboard is bad.

Now, check the surroundings to see whether you have got enough space there or not. This intervention helps you decide if the RAM is detachable from the DIMM slot or not. 

If things go difficult, you might need to leave it alone there. And the only way is to clean up the fan and attach it again. 

However, you might reach for a technician at that moment. Still, we hope that things won’t be too spacious to get the RAM out. After retrieving it, you might find the RAM catching dirt due to the PC fan

As it’s reusable, then go for it. Unless it’s recommended to have a brand new RAM. 

It might cost you a bit. However, following this way can be the most effective way indeed. Finally, keeping in mind the way of installing RAM in your PC will forbid having issues. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does My RAM Require Air Flow?

Well, RAM does not require air flow. Coming with different metal heat sinks helps out your RAM to spread heat. If your plan is to overclock the memory, then cooling it is advisable. This action helps in avoiding system failure and so on.

Does It Count Whether My RAM Is In Slot 1 Or 2?

Yes it matters. It’s better to fill Bank 1 at first and then bank 2. While the RAM gets mismatched, then you should focus on matching the pairs. If all RAMs are the same, then no issue will arise. While having two 4GB RAM and one 8GB card then two 4GB drives in slot 1. And the single card moves in slot 2.

What Are The Key Symptoms Behind A Faulty RAM?

The key symptom behind a faulty ram is bluescreens. Random reboots without any warning are another sign. Also, you might face crashing while multitasking. Especially, tasks related to heavy memory usage might accelerate the damage to RAM faster. Having contorted graphics on your screen is another symptom.

Final Words

That’s all we cover the explanation behind the CPU fan blocking ram slot!

Hopefully, it will become clearer to you! As a result, you can diagnose actual reasons very comfortably.

Still, something you need to know, shoot those to us! We are waiting to help you out!

Best of luck!

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