GPU Not Downclocking

GPU Not Downclocking: Get It Fixed Now!

While you run your PC, the GPU keeps on running. And this makes your PC and its internal parts heated. 

However, the GPU is supposed to be downclocking in its idle state. But if you see something different, there is an issue!

So, why is the GPU not downclocking?

A GPU not downclocking may occur due to some generic reasons. The most common reason for this might be your PC running for too long. However, any GPU not properly compatible would be having this problem too. And lastly, you can not forget that there might be some internal issues too.

Do you think this is all you need? Well, no! You need to read along as we have got here the reasons and solutions for this.

So, get started now!

Why Does The GPU Not Downclock in Its Idle State?

A higher or better GPU means your PC has better support. Because this makes sure how fast your PC may run or process while you work.

But a GPU usually downclocks when it is in its idle state. But if you see it not doing that then there is an issue. 


So, why does the GPU not downclock? Well, today this is what we would be talking about in detail. So, let’s take a look.

Reason 1: Running The PC for So Long

You know it’s common for many of us to run our PC for a long time. However, this is not always a good thing for the PC.

And this is a common reason for the GPU not downclocking. Because the GPU has to run for a long time. And as a result, it gets hot.

Even if you see the GPU fans at full speed, there would be issues.

When it is too hot for a really long time, it tries to downclock. But it can not always do that due to staying too hot for too long.

As a result, it can not downclock even when it is in an idle state.

Quick Solution

Try not to run your computer for so long.

Reason 2: Higher GPU Than Your PC Actually Needs

When a user gets a GPU, one thing he must never forget is compatibility. Because a GPU with higher specs or with lower specs would not be compatible.

Even if it somehow gets to work initially, it would not continue working. And there would be issues with the PC and the GPU too. 

So, when you get a GPU like this, it keeps on running with more power. As a result, it does not tend to downclock. 

It fails to downclock at times when it is in its idle state. And that is when the problem arises.

Quick Solution

When you buy a GPU, ensure to check the compatibility. 

In case you’re running high specs GPU with low specs CPU, you should reconsider. You should get something like the Asus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti in this situation.

Reason 3: Internal Issues

Sometimes, you can not recognize the issues of the GPU not downclocking. Because there is more than you can see and understand. 

And this happens if there are any internal or mechanical issues. This might be with the GPU or the PC. Problems like the fan hub issues might be one of them.

And as a result, the GPU might fail to downclock when it is idle.

Quick Solution

See a mechanic if you are confused about the issue.

How Do I Downclock The GPU Manually?

If you think you need to downclock the GPU yourself, you can do it. To do it, you need to follow a few steps. Here you go with the steps.

Step 1: Install The Application

There are a few applications that you may install for this. Apps like MSI afterburn, NZXT cam, and XOC are a few common ones for this.

Here, we would like to choose the MSI afterburn app. Because we think this one is the easiest one. Once you download the app, you need to operate it.

Remember you do not need any additional software for the benchmark. Because this app can also measure the rate of the GPU

Thus, you do not need any more apps or software to run the operation. However, if you still want to calculate the GPU rate yourself, you can do.

Step 2: Lower The Clock Speed

Once you are ready with the software, you can start your operation. Now, you would have to turn on the application. 

You would initially receive messages about starting to use the app. After you receive all the welcome messages, your operation starts.

First, you need to click on the reset button. Then shift your core clock slider to the default side. 

You basically move it to the left. And if you want, you may move it even more. Lowering the clock than the factory clock is also okay if you wonder.

Once you get to your desired level, you can click on apply. If you don’t need to change anything, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

While you apply this, make sure it is not a one-time thing. So, make sure you always click on the option that enables it. 

Finally, you would end up downclocking the GPU manually.

Remember one thing. You should always keep your CPU clean and dust-free. Because this would keep your PC and the GPU good.

You may also use a CPU cleaner for this. Trying to get one? Here’s an idea.

Kooling Monster KLEAN-01Cleans out thermal residue Grab it today!
Noctua NT-H2Ensures optimal heat transfer from GPU to heatsinkGrab it today!
ArctiClean KitCleans old residue from 6-10 CPU coresGrab it today!

Hope this helps!

Now you know how to downclock the GPU. We hope you can enjoy the euphoria your GPU has to offer now.

Can Running A High GPU Be Problematic for The PC?

Running your PC with a high GPU is good. Because it makes sure the PC works fast.  However, the GPU might also be something problematic for your PC in a way. 

So, how can a be GPU problematic for your PC? Well, when it keeps on running, it produces heat for your PC. As a result, the internal parts of your PC get heated up.

And after a while, your PC might even shut down itself too. This is because the motherboard of your PC may fail to absorb the excess heat.

And remember that this can be really problematic in the long run for your PC. So, you must make sure that your PC does not get overheated in any way.


Is it better to have a faster or slower GPU clock speed?

Well, it is definitely better when your PC GPU has more clock speed. This indicates how fast the GPU core unit works. In brief, it indicates how fast your PC can process in general. So, the more your PC GPU clock speed is, the better for sure. A speed of like 4GHz is a good one.

What is the perk of having a faster GPU clock speed?

There are not numerous perks of having a faster GPU clock speed. However, it is enough to pull off everything. Because a faster GPU clock speed enables your PC to work quite fast. You can also enjoy the privilege of browsing advanced software.

Do I need to change the GPU if it downclocks suddenly?

Well, you do not need to replace or change the GPU if it suddenly downclocks. Because you can initially try to resolve the issue. If not possible then you may take help of a pro. However, if there is no way possible to resolve the issue, you need to replace it.

The Final Words

Now you know why GPU not downclocking! And you now know about the fixes that you can work on for this issue.

If you have any further queries, let us know in the comment section below.

All the best!

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