How Hot Is Too Hot for 3070 GPU

How Hot Is Too Hot for 3070 GPU? Finally Answered!

Anyone with a bit of GPU knowledge knows that 3070 is a beast to own. While this awesome GPU can increase the performance significantly, it can cause some problems too!

The heating issue is a prime example.

So, how hot is too hot for 3070 GPU?

Ideally, anything above the 50 degrees temperature can be considered hot for 3070. But that’s not too hot for your graphics beast. Any triple-A games or video software can take the temperature to almost 80-85 degrees. So, above the 85-degree mark, your Nvidia RTX 3070 will be too hot to handle.

Don’t get scared by reading this much because there are some interesting things to know. That’s why I urge you to read the full text and understand the concept deeply.

Now, let’s open the pandora’s (or GPU) box!

Why Does Your RTX 3070 GPU Get Hot?

I know that you are already curious about your 3070’s heating issue. So, it’s quite obvious to think about why it does happen in the first place. Why does your 3070 get too hot?!

Well, there might be a number of reasons for that to happen. The first and foremost reason of all is poor air ventilation inside the case. While it might seem very basic to you, many tend to forget about the cooling fans or system completely.

If you don’t set the fans’ curve right, you will easily heat up your GPU. Because your fan will work just fine but won’t necessarily cool your GPU down. Along with the fan curve issue, you have to take care of your fan speed.

Fan speed can vary depending on your GPU load and RTX 3070 mobile temperature. Obviously, you won’t need to use the fans at 100% speed all the time. But don’t run them at 20/30% when you’re in heavy GPU load. That can cause your GPU performance to throttle.

Now, does your GPU or CPU get even hotter? Then there might be a manufacturing issue or something unrelated to overuse. But don’t get frustrated if you have the warranty for your GPU. Because you’ll be able to get a brand new GPU like this guy-

Yeah, it’s not the same manufacturer but Nvidia rarely disappoints. So, you’re at least covered in that front!

RTX 3070 GPU Temperature Range

You might get scared if you’re 3070 running at 70c/158f. But after going through this segment you’ll understand which temperature falls into which category. Now, what do I mean by categories? Well, let me explain.

GPU ActivityTemperature Range
IdleBelow 50C or 122F
LoadAround 75-80C or 170-175F
Heavy LoadBelow 95C or 205F

There are mainly three categories your GPU temperature can fall under. Idle, load, and heavy load. So, now that you know the categories, it’s time to mention the temperatures too!

Idle: When idle, your RTX GPU will be within below 50c/122f range. So, your GPU is in good shape in this range.

Load: When you’re gaming to video editing, your GPU might fall into the “load” category. If your GPU is in load, rtx 3070 77 degrees is quite normal. You don’t have to think too much about it. Because even RTX 3070 80 degrees does not cause any damage to your GPU.

So, there are no negative effects if your 3070 reaches this temp. However, if your idle temp is like that, then there’s a significant heating issue. Upon encountering that, try out any of the cooling down methods mentioned below.

Heavy Load: You might encounter heavy load issues when you push your gpu beyond the limits. Rtx 3070 temperature limit is around 93 to 95c/199.4f to 203f. Now, this type of temperature is quite hot. 

Even the best GPUs tend to throttle at this range. Getting around 185f/85c temperature is still okay for 3070. But if you reach the limit, turn off your computer and wait for the temperature to drop. Then adjust the fans and coolers to get better temps.

Otherwise, your GPU can get fried if you continuously push your 3070. So, try to be a little bit careful if you’re facing such issues.

Measuring the Heat Signature of the GPU

There are tons of ways to check your GPU temperature using your PC. Some are built-in to your system, some are external apps. Whatever the method is, you’ll know your RTX 3070 temps clearly. Here are some easy GPU temp checking methods:

Using Windows Task Manager

Yes, you can actually look at your GPU temp from the task manager. Just go to your Windows task manager and there you’ll find your GPU temperature. Even your CPU temperature is listed in the same place.

Source: gHacks

That’s the easiest method to check your temperature.

Using Third-party GPU Applications

Your RTX GPU probably came with a proprietary app from the manufacturer. In that software, you can check your GPU in full detail. However, if you don’t have the driver, just go on to the manufacturer’s site and download it.

After that, you can check your thermal stats from there easily.

How to Cool it Down?

You’ve understood the reasons and the temperature checking methods. Now’s the time for the most crucial part. Cooling down your GPU from excess heat. If you don’t cool it down well enough, your GPU will roast!

Even the future-proof 3080 will throttle at too much heat, let alone your 3070. So, it’s really important to get your cooling game right.

Liquid Cooling

You probably have come across several liquid cooling systems by now. Not only will you get the perfect temperature reduction but also maximum performance. While liquid cooling can be expensive, it’s the most robust method to cool your GPU.

However, don’t just use any liquid cooler you see as it can be difficult to install. Be extremely sure before going for this method. If you can’t be sure about that, don’t worry. I’ve found these liquid cooling systems to be quite well-performing-

ProductsReasons to BuyPrice
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V215dB noise level, High-grade EPDM seal, RGBGrab Now!
NZXT Kraken X63 280mmHigh-performance, Elegant monitor ring, On sale right nowGrab Now!
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R ARGB Close-Loop Sleek black cover with FEP tubing, RGB, Multiple CPU socket supportGrab Now!
Phanteks Glacier One 240MPH D-RGBIncredible performance, copper-coated sealing, controllable RGBGrab Now!

Now, let’s check out the next method.

Cooling Fans

Whether it’s a CPU cooling system or a GPU cooler, it’s a must-have product. Being an affordable and effective method of cooling, it’s the standard for any GPU. Even the stock fans that come with your case can be quite good sometimes.

Still, if you notice the current fans are lacking, you can replace them with better ones. For example, Corsair, and Thermaltake make some good cooling fans. From my experience, I’ve found them to be quite good! Here are some recommendations for you-

Noctua NH-D15, Premium CPU CoolerDurable body, Low noise, 6 years warrantyAdd to Cart!
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO V2 CPU Air CoolerOptimal air flow, hassle-free plug and play, Currently on saleAdd to Cart!
Cooler Master MasterFan SF240R30db noise level, PWM control, RGBAdd to Cart!

Using these fans can definitely decrease your GPU heating issue. But that’s not the only way to cool down your GPU.

Thermal Paste

The last and sometimes the best method to choose for your RTX 3070. Because often the thermal paste becomes the culprit that heats the GPU too much. But finding good thermal paste can be quite time-consuming. Fret not, because I’ve done the searching for you!

Here are some of the popular pastes you’ll never regret buying-

Changing the thermal paste regularly is actually advised by many PC experts. So, try to change your GPU thermal paste once in a while.

That’s everything about the 3070 hot temperature and methods to reduce it!


How Much Power Will the RTX 3070 Use?

For the Nvidia RTX 3070, the most power it draws is around 200 watts. Most of the primary power supply is able to deliver that power easily. But you need to use at least 550 watts rated PSU. Using the double-rated power supply is the standard to maintain that power-hungry Graphics card.

Does RTX 3070 Run Hot?

Some of the RTX 3070 have heating issues according to many users. This particular GPU can get hot even when it’s not pushed too hard. However, using some good-quality fans or cooling components can keep the heat in check. So, try to use either some PSU fans or liquid cooling methods for your GPU.

Is 90 Degree Celsius Okay for RTX 3070?

While 90 Degrees is definitely more to the excessive heating side, you won’t have any significant GPU issues. But you have to be careful of your GPU if it often reaches such a high temperature. Because continuously reaching 90c temperature can drop the performance of your GPU significantly.


With that, the whole how hot is too hot for 3070 discussions.

Now, you can check your GPU temperatures and solve your issues easily.

So, go on & enjoy a better gaming or rendering experience from now.

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