How to Reset KBD75

How to Reset KBD75: Follow These 4 Easy Methods!

PCB keyboards like the KBD75 are very fun to use. The keys are customizable and the RGB lighting is outstanding. 

But sometimes the keyboard fails to take all this pressure. As a result, the performance of KBD75 slips. It might even stop working. The simplest way to solve these issues is by resetting the keyboard.

So, how to reset KBD75?  

You can reset the KBD75 by pressing the Reset button. If that does not work, don’t worry. There are other methods. Pressing the Left Control button also does the job. You can press the U and P buttons together too. If all these steps fail, use the Bootmapper Client. It will do the job easily.

Resetting KBD75 requires precision and accuracy. To acquire all that you will need detailed knowledge. Below I have discussed all the processes elaborately. Have a read!

What Is Resetting KBD75? 

Resetting KBD75 means canceling all the settings of the KBD75. By doing this the KBD75 returns to the factory settings. Doing this is often useful for different electronic devices. 

The circuit board used in the KBD75 can get bugs or glitches. This is a normal scenario just like the fan hub dysfunctioning. This situation can be solved easily by resetting the keyboard. The reset process is not complex if your approach is correct. 

Once reset, it’ll erase all the data from the keyboard memory. And the settings given during the production will return. This can be done in several ways. But you can reset a PCB keyboard only. The keyboards with plates inside can not be reset.

When to Reset KBD75?

You can reset the KBD75 when it is suffering from any internal software problems. The problems can include: Switches not working, connection problems, wrong output, etc. are some of them.

KBD75 is a mechanical keyboard with a QWERTY layout. This layout is fitted on a PCB instead of a plate. PCB means Printed Circuit Board. Because of this, the switches of this keyboard can be customized. 

However, the circuit can crash sometimes and stop working. At that time you can reset kbd7512. Then the keyboard will return to its factory setting. As a result, any bug or glitch in the circuit will get erased.

But how to reset a PCB board? I will discuss that in the latter part of the discussion. Resetting the keyboard can also be termed flash KBD75.

What Should You Do Before Resetting KBD75?

By resetting KBD75 you will unlock the KBD75 bootloader mode. But this should not be your first response to any problem. You must check other factors first. Because sometimes the problem might not be with the keyboard. 

So it is important to determine the problem first. Follow the below-given steps to troubleshoot your keyboard and other factors.

Restart the System:

The first thing you need to do is to restart your computer system. The computer runs on several programs and circuits. The circuits can stop working properly if they are overloaded. Using the computer for a long time can easily overload the circuits.

Because of this overloading, the keyboard can stop working. The problem won’t be solved even if you reset KBD67 or KBD75. A simple restart will clear the circuits and the keyboard will function again. 

Disconnect And Reconnect the Keyboard: 

The cables of the keyboard often get tangled and data can not pass through it. Besides, the head of the cable can get loose or can come out of the port. To solve this disconnect the keyboard from your computer. Then reconnect it. Hopefully, it will be working again.

Clean the Keyboard:

KBD75 backlight and KBD75 underglow are prime features of the KBD keyboard. But to achieve this the keyboard must be clean. Also, a dirty keyboard does not work properly. The switches give the wrong output. 

Sometimes they don’t give any output at all! So you need to clean the PBT keycaps and other accessories regularly. This is also important for the long-lasting performance of the KBD75. 

Broken keycaps can hamper the resetting process of your keyboard. So it’s best to replace the keycaps before attempting any further operations. Here’re some of best keycaps for KBD75 in the market:

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These keycaps make crisp sounds and are really sturdy. They will surely improve your typing experience.

Check the Ports Properly: 

Sometimes the ports of the computer get jammed. As a result, the connection is disrupted, and the KBD75 keyboard malfunctions. For this reason, you must check the ports properly.

Disconnect the KBD75 from the CPU and connect and connect another keyboard. See if the buttons are all working or not. If this keyboard is working fine, the problem is in KBD75. Otherwise, the problem is in the port, and resetting the KBD75 won’t solve it.

These steps should be followed before resetting dz65rgb, KBD75, or any other device. This will save you some time and hassle. 

How to Reset KBD75?

Resetting the KBD75 is not as tough as changing RGB on the KBD fans’ keyboard. But you must know the correct methods of the resetting process. Let us see the steps now.

Method 1: Press the Physical Reset Button 

The KBD75 keyboard comes with a physical reset button. This button is placed in different places depending on the models. In the KBD75 version, you will find the Reset button on the back portion of the keyboard. You have to press this button.

Press the button for ten seconds while the cables are connected. If the keyboard does not get reset, unplug and reconnect it. Then follow the procedure again. This should do the job for you.

Method 2: Press Fn + Backspace 

In modern days keyboards come with an additional key. This key is known as the Function key. It is written as Fn on the keyboard. There are various functions of this Fn key. One of these functions is to reset the keyboard.

You would have to press the Fn and Backspace key together for this purpose. Press them when the bootloader is on. This technique will only work at that time. If you are lucky, the KBD75 will get reset now.

Method 3: Hold the Left Control Button or U + P Button

The keyboard can be reset by pressing other keys too. The left Control button and the U and P are capable of doing it. But you must press these buttons at the correct time in the right manner. Or else they will not work.

Hold the left Control button while plugging in your keyboard. If it does not, try several times. The same procedure is to be followed for the U and P buttons. Hold the U and P buttons together at the time of plugging the keyboard. 

Method 4: Try Bootmapper Client 

Bootmapper Client is software used to customize the PCB keyboards. You will get this software on their website. Download it and read the manual. They have complete guidelines on using it for KBD75. There you will find the reset option for your keyboard. 

These are the best methods of resetting the KBD75 keyboard. You can follow these methods to reset ZSHRC and reset Sony MHC GT4D also. Follow the methods properly to avoid any hassle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Flash KBD75?

You can flash KBD75 by using the hex file. Go to the config website of the keyboard. Select your preferred key mapping. Then press the Compile button. The button is situated at the top right corner. You will get the option for downloading the hex file after that. Download and run it to flash KBD75. 

How Do I Put my Keyboard in Bootloader Mode?

You can put your keyboard in bootloader mode by pressing the correct buttons. Holding the two Shift buttons and pause key together do the job. Also, try pressing both Shift keys and B. Plugging the keyboard while pressing the Escape or Left Control button also opens the bootloader mode. 

What is DFU Mode on the Keyboard?

DFU mode on the keyboard is the bootloader mode. The full form of DFU is Device Firmware Upgrade. In this mode, the firmware of the keyboard can be upgraded. Also, the keyboard can be reset or flashed in the DFU mode. This mode is very significant for modern PCB mechanical keyboards.


We have completed our guide on how to reset KBD75. I have tried my best to give you the most accurate information.

If you are facing problems in resetting the keyboard, seek help from a professional. Any computer workshop or customer care will solve the problem in the quickest time.

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