is 500w enough for rtx 2000 series

Is 500W Enough For RTX 2000 Series Or Do You Need More?

Since GPU prices are getting stable with time, more people are interested in buying them. Yet, many dilemmas are rising regarding GPU and PSUs.

People seem confused about the compatibility of PSUs and mid-tier GPUs; especially the RTX 2000 series. The middle-ground of PSUs is 500W and the users want to know the compatibility between them.

So, is 500W enough for RTX 2000 series?

The answer is yes and no, 500W PSUs are enough for RTX 2000 series GPUs, but not all of them. You can pair up the RTX 2060 GPU with a 500W PSU. However, for most high-end GPUs in RTX 2000 series, 500W won’t be enough. In that case, an upgrade of the PSU will be necessary, to be safe.

This bit of information isn’t enough on its own. Read till the end to get all the necessary bits and choose the perfect PSU for your build.

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What is the RTX 2000 Series?

You may be looking for a power recommendation for the RTX 2000 series. We’ll get there, but first, let us clear some misconceptions.

Many people think that the RTX 20 series differs from the RTX 2000 series. That is totally wrong. The RTX 20 and 2000 are practically the same thing. The title for RTX 20 series chipset information might be labeled as “RTX 2000 chipset information”.

RTX 2000 series

For instance, you’ll get the RTX 2060 power supply requirements under RTX 20 and 2000 sections. Basically, they’re the same series consisting of different names.

Read the next segment to find out if your desired GPU is in the RTX 2000 series.

Which GPUs Are in the RTX 2000 Series?

Before knowing any wattage requirements, it’s important to know your desired GPU’s RTX 2000 series.

Here is a list of GPUs that are in the RTX 2000 series-

RTX GeForce 2000 series GPUs
ModelsLaunch Date
RTX 2060 15/01/2019
RTX 2060 (6GB version)10/01/2020
RTX 2060 (12GB version)07/12/2021
RTX 2060 Super09/07/2019
RTX 207017/10/2018
RTX 2070 Super 09/07/2019
RTX 208020/11/2018
RTX 2080 Super23/07/2019
RTX 2080 Ti27/11/2018
RTX Titan18/12/2018

This is the list of RTX 20 series GPUs. If you can find your GPU here, you can move on to the next segment.

Will 500W Be Sufficient for RTX 2000 Series GPUs?

Let’s come to the question- is a 500W power supply enough for the RTX 20 series? 

The answer to this question is- yes, but there are exceptions. Only the RTX 2060 base versions can run with 500W power supplies. In fact, Nvidia announced that 500W PSUs aren’t suitable for the entire RTX 2000 series. It is also fine if you have a stronger PSU than 500W, it will be compatible. 

Whatever GPU you’re planning to get, you’ll need more information. I’ve elaborated on the power requirements below. Give it a read. You can ensure the compatibility using a PSU calculator.

PSU Requirements for RTX 2060 & 2060 Super:

The 2060 base and the 6 and 12GB versions and the 500W are a good match. You can match them up without any worry.

However, from the 2060 super, 550W supplies with RTX 2000 series continue. The higher level GPUs than RTX 2060 super need a PSU of 550W or more. But what eats up the extra power from the PSU?

Here’s a table depicting which GPU requires how much wattage.

GPURequired Wattage
RTX 2060 Super550 W
RTX 2060 F.E.480W
RTX 2060480W

If you require a 550W PSU then I would recommend you getting a 600W PSU. This will give you the required 20% headroom as well. The EVGA 600 BR PSU is quite good in this range and I’m saying that because I’ve personally used it.

However, you can get a IWONGOU PSU PC 600W from aliexpress for almost 20% less price. But if you don’t need a 600W instead looking for a 500W power supply then I suggest getting IWONGOU PC Power Supply Unit 500 Watt.

You may think, the other PC components eat up a lot of the power. Sure, the components may use a bit of power from the PSU. For instance, using 1 stick of DDR4 RAM can use 2-5 watts of power. However, it’s not significant.

The 2060 super was very advanced compared to the 2060 base versions. It was almost as good as its next gens; RTX 2070 and 2080. That’s why the PSU requirement is higher for the 2060 super.

PSU Requirements for RTX 2070 & 2070 Super:

These are some of the midrange GPUs of the Nvidia RTX 2000 series. The base version of the RTX 2070 and the 2070 super has to have a 650W PSU.

Note that 650 watts is the maximum the graphics cards can reach. It’s the recommended amount. Even if you overclock the GPU, it’ll be safe enough.

So if you were planning to get a 600W PSU for the 2070 series, spend a bit more. Upping the PSU game will guarantee the safety and efficiency of your gaming station!

Here’s an eye soothing monochrome build with RTX 2070 Super paired with 650W Seasonic PSU.

PSU Requirement for 2080, 2080 Super, 2080 Ti & RTX Titan

The RTX 2080s are the top-tier GPUs of the 2000 series. These GPUs pack a decent amount of power. Accordingly, they need a decent amount of power supply as well. 

The required power for the 2080 base version, super, and ti is 650W. However, it only states the minimum power. To be safe, it’s better to get 700W power for these GPUs.

RTX 2070 Super

The RTX Titan is not an exception in this case. So all in all, getting a 650W will do for the most part. But if you can, buy a 700W PSU for these cards.

I would recommend these two PSUs.

You can verify all these compatibilities using a PSU calculator. It’s also important to know when to upgrade your PSUs besides the GPU PSU requirements. Read the next segments to know more about it!

When to Upgrade the PSU?

We know that the 500W PSU is enough for most of the RTX 2000 series. Still, most of the time, any system upgrade calls for a PSU upgrade.

Whenever you’re upgrading components of the PC, the PSU needs to be upgraded as well. For instance, you may be upgrading your RTX 1060 to an RTX 2000 series GPU. You will also need to upgrade your PSU for this.

Also, a combination of higher-level CPUs and GPUs consumes a lot of power. 

Now you might be thinking, is 500W enough for ryzen 5 3600?

Yes, a 500W PSU will definitely be more than enough for a ryzen 5 3600 processor. Processors don’t need a lot of power on their own; when compared to GPUs. Note that, you’ll need more power than 500W when pairing up high-level processors with high-level GPUs.

The same goes for the intel processors. The combo of i7 9700k 500W PSU can also survive.

Regarding PSUs, there are different ratings. These PSU ratings have many differences. Have a look.

Bronze Rating:

This is the lowest rating of PSUs. These PSUs pull an extra 15% of electricity from the power source. These PSUs are still far better than non-rated PSUs.

Silver Rating:

Bronze-rated and silver-rated PSUs are almost the same. Silver-rated PSUs draw 2% less power than bronze-rated ones. 

Gold Rating: 

Gold-rated PSUs are mostly the premium ones and the most reliable ones. These PSUs are recommended with powerful graphics cards; even for the RTX 2000 series. 

For reference, 2060 super PSU requirements contain a gold-rated power supply unit. 

Here are some top-rated gold-rated 500W PSUs for your convenience-

Thermaltake Toughpower GX1 80+ Gold 500WCheck Price on Amazon
EVGA 500 GD, 80+ GOLD 500WCheck Price on Amazon

By using these power supply units, you won’t be lacking in providing power to your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What power supply is needed for RTX 3070?

NVIDIA recommends getting a 650W PSU for the RTX 3070. But if you currently have a 600W PSU, it would get along just fine depending on other components in your system.

Is a 500W PSU good for gaming?

Yes, 500W PSUs are very good for gaming. The top GPU manufacturers also suggest a minimum of 500W for hardcore gaming. However, choosing good quality PSUs is a must for this to work. Try to choose gold or above PSUs that can provide a good amount of amperage. It is the safest way to go!

What power supply does an RTX 3060 need?

The recommended PSU for an RTX 3060 is 550W. In fact, Nvidia recommends at least 550W or more for the RTX 30 series. Since underpowered PSUs cause a lot of problems, it’s better to take overpowered PSUs if possible. Considering this, for an RTX 3060, go with a 550-600W PSU; just to be safe.

The Final Words

This is the finish line of this article. Hopefully, I have answered your question, is 500W enough for RTX 2000 series

Always try to keep a headroom of 20-30% of power while choosing your PSU. Otherwise your PSU will not be able to cope with sudden power surges.

All the best!

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