Kaihua Box White Vs Halo True

Kaihua Box White Vs Halo True: Which One To Pick?

Our gaming and typing habits depend a lot on the type of switches we use. Picking the right type of mechanical switch can enhance that habit. But it takes time and patience to understand mechanical switches.

Kaihua box white and halo true are quite popular names these days. So,people get really indecisive between them.

Which one is better in Kaihua box white vs halo true?

Between Kaihua box white and halo true, Kaihua box white is clicky type switches while halo true is tactile type. The box in the name comes from its x-cross that’s secured in a box. Inversely, Halo true has an outward cross stem. It makes a moderate level noise compared to Kaihua box white switches.

That’s the sneak peek at our today’s topic on mechanical switches. Join us to learn more!

Brief Comparison: Kaihua Box White Vs Halo True

Before we begin, let’s see a quick comparison between halo true vs Kaihua box white.The following table shows the fundamental difference between these two mechanical switches. 

AspectsKaihua Box WhiteHalo True
Switch TypeClickyTactile 
Advertised Pre-Travel (mm)1.81.9
Advertised Total Travel (mm)3.64.0
Advertised Operating Force50 gf60 gf
Stem Compatibility CherryCherry
Sound LevelLoudModerate noise
ExpenseMid-range Cheap

Now that you’ve seen the highlights let’s move on to the detailed comparison.

Detailed Comparison: Kaihua Box White Vs Halo True

Both Kaihua box white and halo true switch are very different in multiple categories. This makes it hard to give a comparison between the two.

So to get a better idea of both switches read our detailed comparison below-

Switch Overview

Halo true and Kaihua box white both are different types of switches. Kaihua box white is the Clicky switch type. On the other hand, halo true is the tactile switch type.

From the name itself you can guess that clicky switches of fine quality make a clicky noise. Among all the three mechanical switch types it is the loudest one. The sound it produces ensures that everything is working properly. 

On the contrary, Tactile-type switches are quieter than clicky-type switches. But it creates audible noise to the user that gives feedback on its performance.

Building Characteristics

Kaihua box white hit the market in 2017 and has been popular ever since. It changed the landscape of clicky-type switches. In fact, with its release, there was a noticeable decrease in click jacket switches.

Halo true switch on the other hand resembles the cherry MX switches a lot. Just like cherry MX Halo true switches have their x-axis pointed outward.

Source: ubuy

But Kaihua box white has its x-axis secured in a square box. This characteristic defines its build style. All the Kailh box switches have this build style of their cross stem.

Source: mechanicalkeyboards

Sound Test

As a clicky switch, Kaihua box white creates audibly louder noise than halo true switches. 

But it sounds smooth when someone starts to type in. Believe it or not, using carmex as keyboard lube helps this process a bit more! It can definitely be a preferable choice for someone who likes clicky switches.

The box white switch has a metal click bar. It slams into the resting position when the switch gets pressed down. This is why it gives a clicky feel and a soft clicky sound.

In case mechanical switches, the lifetime click rating is a pretty big deal. In that case, you can go with the Kailh Speed Bronze Mechanical Switch Kit. It comes with a 70 million lifetime click rating with a travel distance of 3.5 mm.

Halo true switch doesn’t contain any metal bar as such. The sound gets produced as the cross stem hits the resting position. 

Although the sound comes less noisy than clicky switches. It’s still audible enough to differentiate each click. Compared to other tactile switches it creates quite audible noise.

Typing Quality

Both halo true and Kaihua white box are good in typing quality. They are quite a decent option for a typing beginner. But since the switch type itself is different you’ll see some contrast to these switches.

Kaihua white box switches are quite light and easy to press down. In terms of smoothness, it doesn’t fall behind to halo true. Because halo true false a bit on the heavier side.

It’s quite a good switch if you’re just using it for typing. For regular work Halo true’s performance is pretty good. But the same can’t be said for the gaming performance.

Although you can use it for gaming purposes. But there are lots of better options out there. Like 6kro and nkro mechanical keyboards.If you only play fps-type games then halo true might live up to your expectation.

But it’s not suitable enough for fast-paced games. Kaihua white box is not quite a good option for fast-paced gaming either. But it’s favorable compared to halo true switches.

All the clicky switches that are manufactured today have hysteresis. But it is a characteristic that is missing in Kaihua box white switches. 

It’s pretty much similar to a linear or tactile type switch in that aspect. So, you can expect a moderate level of noise when you’re writing fast or gaming.  

To conclude, its gaming performance is better than halo box switches. 


Kaihua box white switches are comparatively higher in price than halo true switches. Depending on its price range it can be regarded as a mid-ranged mechanical switch. 

Halo true switches are cheaper than Kaihua box white. So in terms of expense, halo true is the winner.

Final Verdict: Kaihua Box White Vs Halo True

One being tactile-type and another being a clicky-type switch makes it easier to choose. If you prefer clicky switches, Kaihua box white is quite a good choice.

The same goes for halo true if you like tactile-type switches. But the border is drawn when you point out your main purposes. 

Remind you that there are many other better options out there in the market. But if the option resides between these two, Kaihua would be better for gaming purposes. 

For typing ability, both of these switches are good enough. So rather focus on the smoothness, weight, and the sound they make. It is totally up to your own choice.

If you’re a gamer, then definitely Kaihua Box white is for you. Here’s our recommendation for gaming keyboards with Kaihua box white switches.


We’ve almost reached the conclusion. Before we finish, let’s take a look at the questions below.

What is the colour indication for different types of mechanical switches?

Linear switches are mostly made in three colours that are red, yellow, and black. Tactile switches are mostly seen in brown and black colours. Clicky switches come in blue and green colours.

How is halo clear different from halo true switches?

Halo true and halo clear both are quite identical to each other. What differentiates them is the spring that is used inside the key. It weighs about 78g. So it’s considerably heavy. The spring in halo clear gives the same resistance as the popular Cherry MX switch.

What type of mechanical switches are better for gaming? 

Among all the three types, linear mechanical switches are the best for gaming. They are smooth and quiet. So, it doesn’t cause distraction. It also has fewer bumps than tactile or clicky-type switches making it the best option.


That was all from us about kaihua box white vs halo true switches. Hopefully, the discussion was informative enough for you to make a decision out of it.

In case you’re still insecure about the quality, try to get a live demonstration. Many local stores give the opportunity to return them after trying them for demo use.

That’s it for today. See you next time!

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