led button on pc case not working

LED Button On PC Case Not Working: A Complete Guide!

While LED buttons on a PC case is very convenient, it can malfunction or cause you trouble. However, it’s not that difficult to find out the possible reasons!

So, what are the reasons behind the LED button on PC case not working? 

LED buttons on the PC case may not work if there’s a faulty connection. Most RGB cases come with their own hub where the button has to be connected. Other than that, it’s also possible to have faulty LED wiring. It can also be the button itself or a bug in the software. 

That was a summary of all problems that can stop the LED button from working. These problems require more discussion and we’re more than glad to do it.

We’ve also provided necessary solutions should you run into such situations.

Troubleshooting Faulty LED Buttons On PC Case: 3 Reasons & Solutions

Over time, computer cases have gotten better in RGB features. In the current market, most RGB cases contain a LED button. 

These LED buttons on PC cases let you change the RGB preset with one click. This lets you switch to any preset that you want in an instant. 

The addition of a LED button in the front panel isn’t relatively new. Cases from corsair and Lian-Li have done it before.

LED buttons on PC cases
Source: id.msi.com

But now most of the entry-level and mid-range PC cases have LED buttons. And unfortunately, that is where the problem lies. 

Because not all LED buttons are going to have the same quality. That’s why, depending on PC cases, you may face LED button problems

Also, don’t think you’re the only one facing this terrible issue!

This problem requires a couple of trials and errors to find the root cause. Fixing RTX 3080 fan spinning is also a similar problem involving multiple trials and errors. 

Reason 1: LED Wire Isn’t Connected Properly

To change LED lights on PC cases, you’ll have to connect the wires properly. But a wrong connection won’t let you do that. 

This is the first and the most common reason behind PC case LED lights not working. That’s why we’re going to start the discussion with this problem. 

If the LED wire is not connected, it will not light up the RGB. In most RGB cases, the LED wire has to be connected to a hub. 

The hub generally comes with the casing itself. It can also be a small circuit attached to the casing’s back. 

Solution 1: Check & Reconnect the LED/RGB SW Wire

In RGB cases, they contain a hub that oversees the RGB features. Sometimes, it’s really easy to forget about it. 

Fixing this problem is really easy. Start by locating the LED wire in your casing. Simply take the front panel off and look for the wire.

Source: youtube.com

This wire is labeled as LED/RGB SW so it should be easy to find it. It will also be the wire attached to the button itself. 

Check where it has been connected to. Maybe you haven’t even connected the wire in the first place. 

Disconnect the wire if you connected it to the motherboard. Instead, connect the wire to the controller hub of your PC case. 

On the hub, you’ll see an input for the LED button wire. If you can’t find it, get the case manual. Go to the hub section and there you’ll find a diagram. 

The diagram should contain all the information on the inputs. After you’ve found it, connect the LED wire to the connector. Make sure the hub is also connected.

And you’re all set! Boot up the computer and see whether it’s fixed or not. 

This will let you control the LED lights on PC cases with the LED button. In most cases, this should solve your problem right away.

Solution 2: Connect the LED Wire to Compatible RGB Fan

You can also use the LED wire without a hub. But for that, you’ll need a compatible RGB fan.

If your PC casing has a LED button, it’s likely to have a hub. But sometimes, that may not be the case. 

When that happens, you have two choices. One, you can get a controller hub and then connect it. For that, you’ll need to buy an aftermarket hub.

Connecting the LED Wire
Source: alibaba.com

The other option is to use compatible LED PC fans. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough RGB fans that have an independent 2-pin LED connector. 

But they aren’t super rare. All you need to do is to look for case fans with the LED connector. If you do find some, you can then connect the LED wire to the fan. 

You can control the lights of those fans with the LED button afterward. 

But the most appropriate suggestion, in this case, will be to change the PC case itself. Because if you’re using the case for a long period of time, it’s normal to face tons of issues.

Speaking of LED PC cases, these are some of our best picks-

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These cases are great for RGB lighting and you’ll be happy with either. They also have great airflows too!

Problem 2: The LED/RGB SW Wire Is Faulty

Sometimes, it’s not faulty or misconnection of the wires. Rather, it’s the hardware itself that can be faulty. That’s why you can’t take this out of the equation.

For example, many users try to plug CPU fans into system fans. But this doesn’t always work and there can be many reasons. You’ll have to eliminate possibilities one by one.

Source: reddit.com

The LED/RGB SW Wire is a tiny 2-pin connector that connects to a hub. It can easily get bent or torn. 

Unfortunately, it can happen if you’re not careful when setting the PC up. It can also be a manufacturing problem. 

Solution: Change the LED/RGB SW Wire

If this happens to you then there’s nothing else you can do about it. Replacing the wire would be the best idea. 

But before that, you may want to check the wire yourself. To do that you’ll need a spare LED wire. Grab or borrow a LED SW connector wire and use it on your pc. 

Here are some good recommendations for your LED wires-

Now, connect the new wire to the front panel’s circuit. After that, connect the other end to the RGB hub. Boot up the PC and try pressing the LED button.

If the problem lies in your old wire, the button should be working now. Otherwise, the problem probably lies elsewhere and you have to keep looking. 

If the new wire works, then your old wire needs to be replaced! 

Problem 3: LED Button Is Faulty

Like the LED Wire itself, the LED button on the case can malfunction. Because the quality of buttons can depend on the case quality. 

In the current market, there are a lot of RGB cases with LED buttons. Of course, the quality of these cases isn’t exactly the same.

LED button connectors
Source: aerocool.io

In many cases, case manufacturers cheap out on case buttons. This is done to reduce the cost. It’s not highly unlikely to receive a case with a faulty LED button. 

Besides, it can totally be a problem on the manufacturing end. In such cases, it’s simply bad luck. 

But most medium or high-tier PC cases aren’t likely to have this problem. 

Solution 1: Contact the Manufacturer’s Support

If the LED button itself isn’t working, then there’s nothing you can do. Your closest bet is to contact the support of the manufacturer. 

Since the button itself isn’t working, you should be able to claim a warranty. For more information, contact the store that you bought the PC from. 

If you’re lucky, you may get a new case with a working LED button!

Solution 2: Use the Software Support

There is more than one way to light up PC case LED lights. And one of them is to get 3rd party software support. 

Obviously, you can say that the point is to change RGB with an LED button. But if the button itself is faulty, then there’s nothing you can do it about. 

Users with entry-level cases tend to follow this method. If you’re using a Corsair or Asus casing, then you just use the respective software. 

If your casing doesn’t have dedicated software, you’ll have to resort to a third party. Luckily, there is plenty of third-party RGB software that you can use for free.

Get one of them and install it on your PC. After that, you’ll be able to use the software to change RGB with one click. 

You can also set up a macro on your keyboard. This way you can change the RGB presets with a keyboard button instead. 

Finally, make sure to keep the PC clean at all times. Be extra careful when cleaning front case panels or RGB hubs. 

Because those wires are extremely fragile and can get bent easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the LED button on my PC?

The LED button on your PC casing can change RGB preset by preset. It’s part of the overall RGB feature of a PC casing. Since the latest market is all about RGB, it’s a great addition to casings. This allows a user to change RGB presets whenever they want. All in an instant with one simple click!

Why won’t my PC LED lights work?

If your PC LED lights aren’t working, it can be due to a bad PSU. But before you decide to buy a new one, you should test the system first. To test it, borrow a PSU and connect it to the PC. If it lights up, you have a faulty power supply. Replace the old PSU with a new PSU. 

How do you control RGB lights on a PC case?

You can control RGB lights either via software or a LED button. Most RGB systems come with a controller system. You can simply plug in the fans and the hub will control the rest. The other option is to use the software instead. In that case, you can simply connect the fans to the motherboard. 

Take Away

That was everything we could deliver on the LED button on PC case not working. We’re hopeful that this discussion has helped you understand the matter. 

The LED button may also not work if you’re already using software to alter presets. In that case, try uninstalling and then press the buttons. You can always re-install it later. 

Finally, have a nice day. 

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