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3 Simple Ways to Deal With Mouse Cable Too Short Problem!

While mice come with long enough cable, it might not be enough. Which is totally an inconvenience.

So, what can you do if your mouse cable too short?

The first way to deal with a short cable is you can extend the cable using a USB extension cable. Simply plug the mouse into the extender cable. Another way is using a USB extender hub. You can also use a wireless mouse to get rid of the cable length restriction.

Need a detailed solution? Look no further and keep reading this article.


  • Take a good look at the package to see whether the mouse has any extension cable.
  • Use a extension USB hub to increase the cable length.
  • Go for a wireless mouse if you feel restricted with wired mouse.

Is Mouse Cable Too Short? 

You recently bought a mouse and realized the cable of the mouse is too short. Usually, any mouse cable under 6 feet is considered to be short. If your mouse is below that standard size, don’t worry.

Let’s go through the solutions one by one so that you don’t have to suffer anymore!

Extra Cable Packed Inside the Mouse:

There are some mice that have the rest of the cable neatly packed inside. So, check the mouse’s cover, open it and see if more cables are folded inside or not. 

USB A to USB A cable
Source: Ubuy

If it is, simply remove the old cable and replace it with a new one. There you have it, a long enough mouse for you to work with. Your mouse cursor can also be offset while changing the cable in some cases, so fix it accordingly.

Tug and Extend Cable: 

There are some travel mice with too short a cable. But these have a tug and extend-style cable. At a glance, the mouse cable looks really short. But when you tug on the USB head of the mouse, the cable will extend. 

In these mice, a long cable is neatly twisted in a mini port. So, tug on the cable, and the cable will extend to a long cable. 

A great benefit of such a mini cable mouse is that the cable can be easily retracted with a simple tug-and-pull. This means, clean cable management of your mouse. It won’t crowd your work desk with an unnecessary long cable.

But if your mouse cable is indeed too short like this guy-

Keep on reading to solve the issue. 

Mouse Cable Too Short: 3 Solutions

Fortunately, there are ways you can solve the short cable issue of your mouse by following any of the given solutions.

Solution 1: Use a Mouse Extension Cable 

You might be thinking, “can you extend a mouse cable?”

Yes, you can extend mouse cable by using an USB extension cable. Extension cables are an amazing solution when your mouse cable is too short. There are various lengths of USB extension cables available. 

USB extension cable
Source: Amazon

The extension cables can be as long as 10 meters or 31 feet. There are many options for extension cables that you can find.

For example, VCZHS USB 3.0 Extension Cable is a decent and affordable choice. Or you can check out BlueRigger USB Active Extension Cable

You’ll see there’s a female cord ending and a male cord ending. Plug in your mouse’s male cord ending to the female cord ending of the extension cable. Then plug in the male cord ending to your computer. 

Voila! Now you have a 10+ meters-long mouse cable. There are USB 3.0 extension cables available that can increase the data transfer rate. Use this info to your advantage.

While using an extension cable, be careful about mouse polling rate. If it’s high, the CPU may go underload when you move the mouse.

Solution 2: Use USB Extender Hub:

USB extender hubs connect multiple USB cables at one to a single input. SABRENT 4-Port USB 2.0 Data Hub is an extremely cheap option. However, if you prefer quality, then go for, the Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub.

USB extender hub
Source: Bestbuy

Now connect the hub to your PC. Your mouse cable will be elongated with the extender hub. 

Solution 3: Attach a Long Cable:

Purchase a long USB cable for the mouse and replace it in place of the short cable. USB cable replacement is not that hard to find. If you have confidence in your repair skills, you can use this solution. 

Because this solution will require some electrical work. 

  • First, take the cover off your mouse. It will reveal where the mouse cable is connected.
  • Using a screwdriver, detach the short mouse cable. Be very careful because one wrong move and your mouse may become useless.
  • Now take the long cable, and connect it with the mouse by using the connector pins on the cable. 
  • Put the lid on your mouse and screw it in. 
  • Now connect your mouse to your computer and see if it works.

Now you have a mouse with a long enough cable. 

But what do you do when your mouse cable is too long

Mouse Cable Too Long: Use Mouse Bungee

Mouse bungee is a convenient way to manage the mouse cables that are too long. They are compact and manage your cable neatly.

A benefit of using mouse bungee is they won’t put stress on your cable. You won’t have to bend or twist the cable to manage. 

The extended cable arm helps to hold the cable at an ideal height. Because the arm is made of spring, you can change the height as you see fit. So mouse bungee is definitely worth your money.

A cheaper alternative is to use a plastic cable tie or velcro tie. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Replace Mouse Cables?

Yes, you can replace your mouse cable. First, you’ll have to find a replacement cable that is compatible with your mouse. Then open the mouse up, and remove the existing cable. After that, take your replacement wire and connect the cable to your mouse. Carefully close the lid and check if it runs.

Why Is My Wired Mouse Disconnecting?

The mouse could detach if it’s plugged into a bad USB port. Therefore, unplug it and re-plug it to check if the issue has been resolved. Additionally, the mouse can be connected to another computer. If the problem persists, it is obvious that the mouse is broken, and you must get a replacement.

What Wire Does A Mouse Use?

Virtually all wired and wireless mice use USB as their computer interface. Because USB cables have the fastest data transfer rate. Older systems, however, might use PS/2 or serial interfaces. If you are using a wireless mouse, it may be able to communicate using Bluetooth. Or RF, or IR (infrared). 

Closing Note

That concludes every way you can get around a mouse cable too short. Hopefully, the article will help you solve your mouse cable issue. 

A bonus tip, always check mouse cable length when you purchase a new mouse for yourself. 

Which solution did you like best? Let me know.

See you around!

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