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Mouse Cursor Is Offset: 5 Issues Solved!

Perhaps the smallest and most annoying PC problem is when your mouse cursor is offset. It’s not possible to run a computer with an offset mouse.

So, what do you do when your mouse cursor is offset?

The mouse cursor becomes offset in 4k resolution monitors. It happens due to a mismatch of the DPI settings. You need to match the DPI settings. Also, an uncalibrated mouse cursor can be an issue. So, you should check and calibrate mouse settings. Also, for Mac users, calibrating the mouse can fix the issue. 

As you keep reading the article, you’ll find out how to easily solve this issue.

Let’s move on. 


  • Ultra High-Resolution monitors can cause mouse offset.
  • Glitched mouse driver can cause an offset mouse.
  • Gaming Mouses are equipped with their own DPI button.

Quick View to Troubleshooting Offset Mouse Cursor

DPI Mismatched in High-Resolution MonitorMatch the DPI
Mouse Cursor Calibration ProblemRecalibrate Your MouseChoose Other Mouse Drivers from the PCDisconnect and Reboot Devices
Issues in MacUpdating Mouse DriverCalibrating Mouse Cursor
Issues in Multiple MonitorUpdating Mouse DriversRebooting Monitors
Automated DPI settingsReset DPI to Default

Mouse Cursor Is Offset: Why It Happens?

When a mouse cursor is offset, the immediate reason is the DPI mismatch. Mouse cursor movement is measured with DPI. Which is dots per linear inch. It determines the precision and speed of your mouse cursor. 

This can happen on different occasions, and in many different places. Well, you are not the only one facing this issue. Here’s someone who also have offset mouse cursor.

 Let’s see the reasons behind such issues.

Reason 1: DPI Mismatch In High-Resolution Monitor

4K resolution monitors are currently the most popular high-resolution monitors. And they have 4 times more vertical and horizontal pixels than usual monitors. Where a generally set 1000 dpi mouse cursor can become offset. 

Because 1000 dpi mouse is more suitable 1080p monitors. It could also be that the CPU is under load. And CPU being under load can make the mouse lag too.

Solution: Match the DPI

Go to the control panel. And then go to the device panel. Select your mouse. Right-click on your mouse, and find properties. Then increase the dpi of your mouse. You can do this by choosing compatibility and then going to dpi settings.  

However, there are some gaming mice that have their external mouse driver software. These mouses typically have many buttons. You can change the dpi by pressing the designated button for dpi changes.


For a 2K monitor, you can use around 1200-1500 DPI. However, for a 4K monitor set the DPI between 1500-2000.

Reason 2: Mouse Cursor Calibration Problem

Oftentimes, the mouse cursor’s calibration can be thrown off due to some internal software issues. For example when you’re using editing or any programming software. Also, your mouse is not clicking where the pointer is.

Solution 1: Recalibrate Your Mouse

Recalibrating Your mouse is quite easy. Here’s how the process goes – 

Go to the search tab. Search the control panel and go the control panel. Alternatively, you can press the windows button and you’ll see a setting icon. 

Click on it and it will take you to the control panel. Make changes to the speed and size of your cursor to fit your demand. 

Settings for mouse pointer

Or you can reset your cursor setting to default. This typically solves the offset cursor problem.

Alternatively, find the device manager from the search panel. Search the mouse driver then uninstall it. Restart your PC and Windows will reinstall the driver. 

Sometimes, moving the mouse CPU usage goes up. But you shouldn’t panic when it happens. There are available solutions and often it doesn’t cause problems.

Solution 2: Choose Other Mouse Drivers from the PC

If it didn’t work, try using the Windows-bundled generic driver. Right-click, or press and hold your mouse driver in Device Manager.

Go to software driver updates. Then search for driver software on my PC. Then choose I’ll select an HID-compliant mouse from a list of available drivers on my computer. Click Next, and then follow the on-screen directions to install it.


Don’t download update files from untrusted sources. It can contain viruses or malware.

Mouse driver settings

Solution 3: Disconnect and Reboot Devices

This is the easiest solution out of all I’ve tried. With my gaming mouse, I often face cursor offset problems. 

What I do is unplug the USB cable of my mouse and then plug it in again. Which solves the problem. 

If it doesn’t work, I try to plug it into another USB port. Also, reboot your external mouse driver after resetting it to the default setting. 

Reboot your PC then turn the power on again. Your mouse cursor should work fine now. 


Disconnecting any Bluetooth mouse and reconnecting it can solve the offset cursor issue.

Mouse Cursor Offset for Mac Solution:

Mac mouse cursor is infamous for going missing and offset. Here’s how to solve the issue –

Hardware-wise, update your mouse driver. Shake your mouse to see if anything changes. Or disconnect and connect your magic mouse. Often only doing this will solve your problem. 

If it doesn’t work out then here’s what to do – 

Click on the settings icon of your mac. Open the settings and find the mouse setting. Click on the regional setting. Then click on calibrate. 

It will take a while for Mac to calibrate the mouse. After that, you will no longer have an offset cursor issue. 

If you’re using an iPad with your mac. Try using Splashtop on your Mac. It is a remote access app for Mac. It will adjust the resolution of your Mac. And the mouse cursor offset problem will be gone. 

From now, use your Mac on default resolution. The resolution difference is what offsets the mouse cursor. 


If your mouse is irresponsive on Macbook, then use the trackpad.

Mouse pointer settings on Mac
Source: GitHub

Mouse Cursor Offset Solution for Multiple Monitor Users:

If you happen to be using multiple monitors and the solutions didn’t work. Try this instead – 

Reboot your monitors first. Then unplug the SIIG USB hub 3 cable that drives your 4K and extra monitors.  Restart the hub and you won’t see the offset mouse cursor anymore. 

Software bugs are the real deal. So make sure to update all your driver software. And additionally, keep your windows or Mac OS updated. 

The developers constantly keep solving the bugs and updating them. So software updates solve offset mouse cursor problems most of the time. 


Having multiple different-sized monitors are more prone to the offset mouse cursor.

Offset Mouse Cursor Solution for External Software:

If you’re using software like Citrix, Power BI, Photoshop, and such, the offset cursor problem is quite a typical problem. The mouse cursor not aligned in-game is also a frequent problem. But that is generally due to the size of the in-game cursor size. 

Reason: Automated DPI Scaling

This software tends to scale the mouse DPI setting automatically from the get-go. Which throws off the cursor setting of your mouse. 

Solution: Reset DPI to default

Go to the advanced setting of your software. Or go to the driver where the software was installed. Find the folder, then find the software name followed by the run32 names file. Right-click on it. Find the properties section and click on the dpi preference/setting. 

Choose the default dpi setting and cross off ‘adjust dpi scale automatically’. Now your mouse cursor won’t be offset. Click on apply for the change to take effect. 


Turning off “Enhance Point Precision” for a smoother scrolling experience.

In-game mouse cursor settings (League of Legends)
Source: Dot Esports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Mouse Pointer Off?

If you are using an outdated or incorrect mouse driver, your mouse cursor can vanish. Therefore, you ought to upgrade your mouse driver. And see if that solves your issue. Driver Easy updates the driver on its own on your behalf. If you don’t have the time, patience, or ability to do it yourself.

How Do I Fix My Cursor Not Lining Up?

You’ll need to change a few things to fix the mouse lineup problem. Go to device manager from the taskbar, double click on the mouse. Then Go to the driver tab and update the driver. Then disable your biometric drivers and anti-virus software. Run a driver troubleshooter and troubleshoot the issues.

Why Is The Mouse Cursor Slightly Tilted And Not Straight?

In 1981, the cursor was first invented, and the screen resolution was low. Hence, even though the mouse cursor was created as a straight arrow, it showed tilted with the current GUI. The cursor was created at a 45-degree angle because it was easier to do so. And it was hard to draw straight lines.


That concludes the article on what to do when your mouse cursor is offset. Mouse getting offset is a minor yet inconvenient thing. 

Bonus tip, use the original resolution settings on your monitor at all times. It will keep the offset issue away. 

Best of luck! 

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