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Mouse Only Moves Vertically- 4 Easy Solutions!

We need our mouse to operate our personal computers. But if they start acting up then we can’t even start to work.

And the mouse not moving as it should is the most common problem you can encounter. It’s really frustrating to deal with too

So when you see your mouse only moves vertically, what can you do?

Check if your mouse is in PRESENT mode, if yes then change it to ON. You can try updating your drivers and softwares like Logitech’s Ghub and Razor Synapse etc. Sometimes games and programming IDEs (Integrated Development Softwares) create problems. If that’s the case uninstall them. And if it’s hardware related, you can either get it fixed or get a new one.

That’s a basic overview of what you need to do. But to understand what’s really happening, you need to dive a bit deeper. And that’s why I have this article for you!

So let’s get started!


  • Outdated mouse drivers glitches movement.
  • Keybinding in certain apps will result in abnormal mouse’s behavior.
  • Mice with a high polling rate can cause such problems.

Quick View to Mouse Only Moves Vertically

Program InterferenceReverting the Key Binds/ Reinstalling the Program
Mouse Mode is set to presentation or Swiftpoint ManagerTurning off, Uninstalling or Disabling Presentation Manager
Driver Bugs and CrashesUpdating Mouse’s Driver
Hardware Related ProblemsReplacing the Hardware

Troubleshooting Mouse Only Moving Vertically

Knowing the cause behind the problem actually takes us halfway through the solution. That’s why before looking for a fix, I should look for where the problem originated. 

And after that, I can find suitable solutions for that problem. So let’s check out the common causes behind the problem. And then discuss further the solutions.

Problem 1 of 4: Program Interference

Sometimes the problem can be seen in that, if you run any specific program, in that program the cursor is not moving left or right

These problems can be seen in mostly game softwares, where there are keybinds available for mice. So that can hamper the movement of your mouse. Also some programming IDEs also. 

This can happen if the program that causes this problem wasn’t installed properly in the first place. Then the unfinished installation can hamper the movement of the mouse.

Also due to a different key binding inside the program, the mouse could be pre-programmed to something else in the software.

Solution: Reverting the Key Binds/ Reinstalling the Program

Check for key binding inside the program settings. See if there are any settings dedicated to mouse movement. Sometimes these settings may be inverted or not assigned, so remap them accordingly.

And if the problem still persists. Then uninstall and freshly reinstall that program. That should get the job done.


Keybind the inputs of keyboards for shortcuts.

Key Bindings to Override Default Key Settings
Source: GitHub

Problem 2 of 4: Mouse Mode Is Set to Presentation or Swiftpoint Manager

Some modern mice or office work-based mice have a dedicated presentation mode. It can be accessed either from the mouse software. Or there can be a dedicated button at the bottom of the mouse.

In presentation mode the mouse only lets you go left and write as its main purpose is to control a presentation or slideshow. So check and make sure that your presentation mode is turned off to use the mouse normally.

And there could be another point, especially for Mac users. Apple mouse only moves vertically then it could be a GT Swift Point Pen. And for that, you need to install the Swift Point Manager.

Which can hamper the function of the mouse if you are not using the gt swift point pen. 

Solution: Turning off, Uninstalling or Disabling Presentation Manager

Check your mouse for any buttons dedicated to presentation mode. And turn off the presentation mode. 

Uninstalling Swift GT Pen system
Source: Swiftpoint Support

And if you are not using the Swift Point GT Pen, then uninstall the manager. Or you could go to the settings of the manager and disable it.


Presentation Manager Applications can freeze the mouse.

Problem 3 of 4: Driver Bugs and Crashes

Like any other device on the computer, the mouse also needs drivers to run it. Drivers help the OS recognize the function of the device.

An outdated driver may cause problems such as the mouse cursor being offset. Because the pc can’t recognize the mouse well with outdated drivers.

Also, nowadays all the popular and renowned mouse companies have software for their mouse. You can go to their dedicated website and download the required software for your mouse.

This software makes the operation of the mouse better. But if the software isn’t installed then you might face these problems.

Solution: Updating Mouse’s Driver

If you have just bought the mouse then it could be both of these issues. Firstly you need to google if this particular mouse has any dedicated software that it needs.

Most times the manufacturer’s website will list all the software that is necessary for the mouse to work. And downloading and installing them will sometimes automatically do the driver updates as well.

And if you have already installed the mouse software and are still seeing this problem. Check for driver updates from the control panel. Updating your driver will fix most problems that you see on your computer.

Updating, Disabling, or Uninstalling Mouse Drivers


Always keep every driver of PC updated.

Problem 4 of 4:Hardware Related Problems

Broken Mouse Cable
Source: Reddit

Last but not least, the mouse itself can be faulty. And that can happen due to various factors. And in case of mouse only moves in one direction, the likely cause can be a faulty sensor or a damaged circuit board.

Sometimes due to long-term usage and power surges, the mouse cable can be damaged as well. So that could also cause this problem.

Solution: Replacing the Hardwares

In case of a damaged circuit board, there is not much you can do. It’s cheaper to buy a new one than to fix it. But if it is the sensor or the cable then you can send it for repairs.

If you are good with soldering then you can try to change the cable. However, a short mouse cable is more prone to various problems. Replacement mouse cables are available on different outlets and online shops.

You can follow this video to fix the mouse cable.

However, you can replace it with a newer mouse too. Let’s see some of the best options out there.

  • Logitech B100– It is a perfect mouse for casual and office work.


Braided wire mouse are very durable for daily usage.

Well, that’s what you need to do if you face problems with your mouse not moving as it should! Don’t rush to buy a new mouse at first, because most of the time these kinds of problems are software related.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Leave Your Mouse Charging Overnight?

Yes, you surely can. Wireless mice need to be charged periodically because they run on rechargeable batteries. Most electronic devices are advised to not be left overnight on the charger. But for the mouse, when it’s done charging the plug will just act as the cable which you can run your mouse.

Can You Use Your Mouse While It’s Charging?

Yes, you can. A Wireless mouse can be used with a wire too. Because when you plug it in with your pc, it charges as well as runs your mouse. But if you use the latest apple magic mouse then you might be in trouble. Because the charging port is at the bottom and that makes it is unusable while charging.

Can You Use Different Dongle For Your Mouse?

Yes, you can. But it must match the specification of your mouse. Because different mice might have different chipsets, base frequencies, etc. But if the dongle specifications match with your mouse you can easily use it. And you can use Bluetooth also.

Wrapping Up

Now you should know what to do if your mouse only moves vertically. Don’t panic as it’s not big of a problem. And the fixes are quite straightforward and easy too.

Until next time, best of luck!

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