No Molex on PSU

No Molex on PSU: The 3 Best Alternatives!

Molex connectors are very necessary to power up CD/DVD drives and fans. Yet, some of the manufacturers refuse to give Molex power connections.

So, what are the alternatives if no Molex on PSU?

You can use a SATA adapter if there’s no Molex on the PSU. You can get both male and female adapters on the market. However, that can create issues with cable management. Lastly, you can resort to components that support the SATA connection.

This information will come in handy. Yet, this isn’t very helpful. You need to dive deeper to find a suitable alternative.

So, let’s get started.

Why Is Molex Important for PSU?

The Molex connector can provide the necessary power for any computer component.  It can also provide sufficient power for CD-ROMs, graphic cards, and so on. Molex connections supply DC power to drives within a computer enclosure. 

Source: asia.evga

Molex connections can be found on several computers. Many use the Molex connection to run fans more efficiently. Nevertheless, the Molex connection can supply a huge amount of power, as it has 4-pin heads.

The question is do all PSUs have Molex Connection? No, Some of the PSUs these days don’t have Molex connectors. Also, high wattage PSUs can get overkill for your setup. So, be careful while buying a PSU for your beloved computer.

But what can you do if your PSU lacks Molex connection? Well, there are some effective alternatives available for you. In the next section, I will describe each of those alternatives.

So, let’s move on without waiting any further.

No Molex – What Are the Alternatives?

In this section, I will talk about the appropriate substitute for Molex for any PSU. These replacements may lack the proper ability of Molex. But, you can rest assured that these alternatives are effective to get the job done.

However, there are a few ways to tell if your PSU is dead or still going strong. With that said, let’s see the alternatives of Molex.

SATA to Molex Adapters

All the PSUs on the market have SATA connections. Because most of the components require SATA connectivity to power up. However, there is some high-end casing fan that needs a Molex connector.

To power up those fans, you can use SATA to Molex adapters. These adapters cost less than $10. Some of the adapters on the market are listed below.

SATA to Molex Adapter 3 Pack 4PinGrab it today! 
RLECS SATA Male to IDE MolexGrab it today! 
Duttek SATA Male to Molex Female AdapterGrab it today! 

But using it can cause issues with cable management. We all want our case to have a sleek look. However, using adapters can be a hassle to manage the cables. Yet, SATA to Molex connector is the cheapest and most realistic alternative to the issue.

However, for neat cable management, move on to the next alternative.

Changing the PSU

There are plenty of PSUs with Molex connections still. You can get extra wattage on certified PSU too! Nevertheless, most of the ATX form factor PSUs have the Molex connector.

But, it’s more expensive to buy a PSU than SATA to Molex adapters. Albeit, some of the best PSU with Molex connectors are mentioned below.

In case you are confused about choosing the right PSU, we can help. Here’s our recommendation for some of the best PSU out there.

Corsair 2RM 750x135 mm ML fan for cooling Grab it today!
MSI MPG Series A750GFGreat modular designGrab it today!
NZXT C750Zero RPM fan mode for silent operationGrab it today!

You can easily manage cable with your new PSU. 

Buying SATA Supported Components

I get it that Molex connectors are very important. Yet, SATA connectors are universally used by almost every component manufacturer. So, this alternative is a viable option.

Although, the SATA connectors won’t give as power output as Molex. But SATA connectors are not as power-hungry as Molex too. So, going for SATA components won’t do any harm. 

On the other hand, SATA interfaces are really secure. They use a minimal amount of wattage and can efficiently run any hardware. There are also multiple SATA-supported casing fans available on the market. Some of the best casing fans are given.

upHere Silent Intelligent Control RGB FanGrab it today!
Antec 120mm Case FanGrab it today!
NoctuaHigh-Performance Cooling FanGrab it today!

One of the best parts is that each fan gives you a Molex to SATA splitter. Hence, you can easily power up the fans using that cable. Also, with a SATA connection, you can run all the fans at full speed.

That’s all regarding the alternatives of having no Molex. However, in the next section, I will give my opinion on the alternatives. That way every confusion can be cleared easily. So, let’s move on.

Apart from all of these, make sure to regularly clean the components. That’s because Molex cables can get stuck if not cleaned and maintained properly.

So, Which Alternative Should You Go for?

If you made it this far, then you’re asking yourself what you should choose. Well, there are some factors to consider.

If you bought a new PSU without knowing the Molex connector, you can replace it. But you can only replace the PSU if it’s an official product and has a return policy. Most manufacturers like Corsair, EVGA, Thermaltake, etc. have the option.

However, if you want a budget-friendly suggestion, then go for the SATA to Molex adapters. Those will work just as fine as Molex connectors. 

Lastly, choosing SATA components for your PC is also viable. If it clicks every feature you need, then choose this option.

Whatever alternative you choose, always check if that provides a better solution or not. Also, keep the budget in mind while choosing an alternative option.


Can Molex Supply More Power Than SATA?

Yes, the Molex connection can supply more power than the SATA. Molex connectors are 4-pin connectors with 22 amps output (11 amp+11 amp). The rest of the 2 pins are grounded. The SATA connectors have 15 pins in total, 9 of which are power pins. SATA has a total output of (3 x 3.3V, 3 x 5V, 3 x 12V).

Do I need Molex Connectors for HDD?

No, it is not necessary to have Molex connectors for HDD. However, most HDDs nowadays get a SATA connection port. So, you might need SATA connectors to power up your HDD. Nevertheless, you can use Molex connectors too. But, it’s gonna be a waste. So, you should dedicate a SATA port for HDD, and SSD.

What Is The Connection Between Molex Fans and Your Power Supply Unit?

The connection between Molex fans and Power supply is by male or female Molex connector. And sometimes both will be found on the fan. The male connector is bigger than the female connector and glides over it. Simply connect the power supply to one of the two types of connectors.


That’s all regarding no Molex on PSU. Hope this article was very helpful for you to find alternate ways.

Here’s a tip, disabling the Windows gaming bar can boost your game. So, if you are facing any sort of lag, choose this option.

Have a great day and enjoy!

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