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5 Solutions to Try If Your NZXT Case Fans Not Working!

NZXT Cases are popular for having superb build quality. So obviously you got yourself a sleek-looking NZXT casing for your PC. But the problem surfaced when the casing fan stopped working all of a sudden.

So, why is your NZXT case fan not working?

The first reason is the cable connection problem and the fan header may be broken. Secondly, the power cable connected to the fan is not working. Third, the fan bearing is stuck or broken due to dust, moisture, or tar. Or, check Bios if the fan rpm is set to 0. If so, raise the rpm count to 500 and up.

In this article, I’ll discuss the solutions and how to get those fans running.


  • Check all the connector and CAM cables of your NZXT case fans.
  • Replace any broken bearings or damaged cables.
  • Take out the fans and give a thorough clean once in a while.

Why Are NZXT Case Fans Not Working?

Granted NZXT makes great quality casing, but the case fans may break down or not work. It’s not very unusual for fans to not work. Case fans not running can be a grave problem for high-range PCs. But the problems are easier to fix.

Let’s explore the reasons why an NZXT case fan stops working

Reason 1: Fan Cable Connection Problem 

The connection is the first place you should look into when the fans are not working. Possibly, the cable connection of the fans has come loose somehow or didn’t connect properly. 

NZXT fans not spinning
Source: Reddit

Another reason could be that the header is broken. There’s another cable that connects the fan with the motherboard. It could be that the motherboard header pin has also broken.

Solution 1: Replace the Cables

The Case Fan is connected to the CPU with a 3-pin header cable. To see, you’ll have to take the cover off your NZXT case. 

Just to be clear, we are talking about stock fans here that come with the NZXT casing upon purchase. 

NZXT fan connector cable
Source: Reddit
  • For NZXT, the fans are connected through an NZXT digital RGB and fan controller. Look at the connections of the case fans. Then locate fan 1 and fan 2 hubs and inspect the cables.

If the connection is loose or not connected properly, connect them securely. Upon connection, you’ll hear a slight sound which indicates the connection is secured. 

  • If you see the cable pins are broken, replace the cables. When you bought the casing, the NZXT case included extra pairs of fan cables for replacement reasons. 

However, it’s easy to misplace them and when that happens, get yourself an aftermarket cable. Any 4-Pin PWM Fan Splitter Cable or PWM Fan Extension Cable should do the trick.

  • If the header is broken, you’ll have to replace the cables in this case too. But if the motherboard header broke, you’ll have to face a high expense, which is either fix or get a new motherboard. 

But, breaking the motherboard header is an extremely rare case. So don’t be alarmed. Additionally, you can also use a case fan as a CPU cooler if you have any unused case fans in hand.


Check other parts of your PC casing when you’re going through the case fans.

Reason 2: Fan Controller Power Cable Malfunctioning

There’s a power cable that connects the fan with the power supply through the digital controller. If the power cable is malfunctioning, that’s why your NZXT case fan is not working.

Solution 2: Change the Power Cable

You will also have a replacement power cable with your NZXT casing.

The power cable connects the digital hub to the power supply with a SATA cable. The cable is black with a white lining. The Power supply then connects to a USB 2.0 which is located on the floor of the casing.

Take off your GPU and you’ll see it. Replace broken cables. Your case fans will start running. 

Reason 3: Broken Fan Bearing 

This happens if you’ve been using your CPU for a while. The case fans’ bearings may break or get stuck. The fan usually won’t spin. The Thermaltake case fan also has a similar problem.

The reasons behind broken fan bearings are accumulated dust, excessive moisture, and tar. However, tar accumulates on the fan bearing if the owner is a smoker. Smoke is bad for your CPU in general. 

Solution 3: Clean the Fan Bearings

Disconnect the fans from the cables, along with the piggyback fan. 
Take off the fans using a regular screwdriver set. Peel off the NZXT logo on the center of the fan. Then peel off the grommet. This will reveal the bearings. Now, carefully clean the dust, moisture, or tar.

Case fan maintenance
Source: Youtube

Next, you’ll want to have a can of multi-purpose greasing oil. Carefully drop a few droplets of oils on the bearings. Rotate the fan wings to properly distribute the oil inside the bearing. 

This will do 2 things. Your fan will run smoothly with the grease. And it will take away the noise of the rotating (If there was any).


Make sure to install the bearings and screws appropriately.

Reason 4: Fan RPM Set to 0 in BIOS 

Without you properly noticing, you may have set your fan RPM to 0 in your BIOS. Hence your case fan is not rotating.

When you turn on your computer, you’ll see ‘BIOS’ popping up before anything else. It launches before the computer turns on the windows system. 

Solution 4: Change Fan RPM in BIOS

For those who are new to PC stuff, BIOS is Basic Input Output System. Here you can determine fan speed, CPU efficiency, and so on.

Turn the power of your PC on. When BIOS appears, go to the fan settings and raise your CPU fan RPM from 0 to 500. 

NZXT fan rpm can go up to 1200 rpm. So. raise the rate as you see fit. If you have a high-range PC and a high-performing GPU. You’d want the fans to work at the optimum RPM.

High rpm will regulate airflow in your casing and keep the parts cooled. This is especially necessary for GPUs. 

Reason 5: NZXT Case Fan Broken

This problem is also for an NZXT casing which has been running for some good years. The fans can break down after a year or two. In this case, replace the fans

Solution 5: Replace With NZXT RGB Fans

NZXT separately sells RGB fans with built-in lights. They are better quality than their already great stock fans. 

NZXT RGB case fan
Source: Every home tech

For example, NZXT AER RGB 2 is a great colorful case fan. With the cables that came with these RGB fans, replace them in the casing. 

The bonus of NZXT RGB lights is that they’ll change lights and keep the CPU illuminated. You can use their digital RGB and fan controller to change too many different lighting settings. 

And the fans will serve you a long time as well! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My NZXT Fan RGB Not Working?

If the NZXT RGB is not functioning, there might be an issue with the USB cable. You must first switch the internal USB cord to a different motherboard header. If your RGB starts malfunctioning again, your motherboard’s port is broken. And check the digital controller to see if the setting is right.

Why Are My PC Case Fans Not Spinning?

There are a few reasons behind your PC fan is not spinning. You haven’t cleaned the dust off your fans and CPU for way too long. The fan bearings need oiling to spin. Or the power supply can not provide enough power for the fans to run. There can also be issues with the connected cables.

Can You Use Nzxt RGB Fans Without Controllers?

If you only want to use the NZXT RGB fans without the RGB, yes you can. You can keep the fans running without the digital controller hub and software. The fans support a standard 4-pin PWM connection. But to use the RGB, you’ll have to use the digital controller. The hub costs about $30. 


So that’s how I fixed my nzxt case fans not working. The problems are a bit tricky to detect for beginners. Hence I wrote this article to help out everyone who is in a fix. 

Did the article help you get your NZXT case fans running? Let me know.

See you around! 

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