nzxt kraken x61 vs corsair h100i gtx

NZXT Kraken X61 VS Corsair H100i GTX: Which Is Better?

Liquid cooling system is a must-have for gamers and high-performing PC users. When you use high spec GPU, it requires an additional cooling system to keep the operation optimal.

NZXT and Corsair both established themselves as high-performance PC parts brands. Between the two, the same range coolants are X61 and H100i GTX. 

So, among the two, which one should you choose between NZXT Kraken X61 vs. Corsair H100i GTX?

The H100i fan reaches the highest rpm between NZXT Kraken X61 vs. Corsair H100i GTX,. But X61 provides more airflow and can handle temperatures of up to 70 degrees. The H100i can handle an astounding 98 degrees before powering down. Corsair H100i GTX is about 1/3 rd of the price of NZXT Kraken X61. 

Don’t decide on anything just after reading that. Keep on reading the article for in-depth details!


  • You can mount both of the liquid cooler tools for free!
  • Both cooler’s fan speeds can be set manually.
  • Corsair H100i powers down when the temperature hits 98 degrees Celsius.

Quick Comparison of NZXT Kraken X61 VS. Corsair H100i GTX

Both NZXT and Corsair liquid coolants are of high quality. Just take a look at the specs and you’ll know it. 

The table below is a quick comparison between the specs of X61 and H100i GTX.

SpecsNZXT Kraken X61Corsair H100i GTX
CompatibilityBoth Intel and AMDBoth Intel and AMD
Mounting MechanismTool- Free Tool-free
Fan Size2 x 140 mm2 x 120 mm
Fan Airflow42.2 – 106.1 CFM70.69 CFM
Fan RPM800 – 2000 rpm500 – 2435 rpm
PerformanceCAM software crashes at 80 degreesPower downs at 98 degrees
Noise20 – 37 dBAUp to 37 dBA
Product LinkCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Isn’t the specs a dream for Gamers and Editors? At a glance, you can see that the Corsair H100i GTX outdid the NZXT Kraken X61

But, let’s not get hasty just by looking at the table. Because you shouldn’t underestimate NZXT coolants. 

Let’s head on to the in-depth details to see what the table really means.

NZXT Kraken X61 vs Corsair H100i GTX: Quick Comparison

NZXT Kraken X61 vs Corsair H100i GTX: Detailed Comparison

In this section, I’ll explain the table by each spec. Keep on reading to see how the NZXT liquid coolant compares with the Corsair H series liquid coolants.


The NZXT Kraken X61 is an all-in-one liquid cooler. It’s compatible with both Intel and AMD processors. Consequently, the Corsair H100i GTX is also an all-in-one closed-loop liquid coolant. Which is compatible with both AMD and Intel as well. 

Compatibility-wise, Kraken X61, and H100i GTX are on equal ground.

Winner: Tie.


Check your casing dimension first before purchasing the coolers.

Mounting Mechanism:

Both NZXT Kraken x61 and Corsair H100i GTX have a tool-free mounting mechanism. Both use the mounting brackets for installation. 

And the tubes are sturdy and thick for Corsair H100i GTX, which leaves no room for kinks. Alternatively, NZXT Kraken X61’s cooling tubes are more flexible, although sturdy enough to get kinks. 

And the long tubes don’t create any trouble during installation. It can fit pretty well inside a mid-tower casing. You’ll need no modification. 

So, both have the same mounting mechanism and benefits.

Winner: Tie.


Putting too much pressure on the coolers can break and leak water.

Fan Size: 

When it comes to the fans of both cooler, we’ll see some differences. Because both CPU and GPU get hotter with usage. And you need fans for cooling things down.

NZXT Kraken X61
Source: TweakTown

Looking at NZXT Kraken X61 fans, diameter is 140mm. And the Corsair H100i fans are 120mm in diameter

So, X61 has bigger fans, and it has its advantages. 

Winner: NZXT Kraken X61.

Airflow, and Fan RPM:

Both Kraken x61 and Corsair H100i have aluminum radiators. Kraken x61 has a 400mm tube mounted with the radiator which is 280mm wide. On the other hand, the corsair H100i GTX has a 240mm wide radiator for ample airflow. 

Kraken X61 can provide a wide range of airflow. It can get as low as 46.2 CFM to as high as 106.1 CFM. On the other hand, the corsair H100i GTX can only reach up to 70.69 CFM.

And between Kraken X61 case fans and CPU fans, Kraken X61 case fans cool better.

For Airflow, Kraken X61 wins over H100i.

As for fan RPM, corsair has an astounding performance. The H100i fan can rotate at 2435 rpm which is really high and as low as 500 rpm. Alternatingly, Kraken X61 can go down to 800 rpm and increase as high as 2000 rpm. 

Here, H100i wins over Kraken X61 with higher fan rpm.

Winner: For Airflow, NZXT Kraken X61. For higher RPM, Corsair H100i.


You should set the fan RPM as high as possible while editing, gaming, or multitasking.


Now let’s talk about how all the specs come together to perform on-site. 

To observe the performance at overclocked PC, I set the coolants with Intel core i7 processor. These are very difficult to cool down. The Ram was set on 4 GHz. and 1.4 V. 

This is undoubtedly a very high-performing scenario, albeit rare. But I wanted to test how far each coolant can go. 

CPU Heatsink Test: NZXT Kraken X61 vs Corsair H100i GTX

I ran editing software on my PC to edit some 4K videos. Everyone knows that is notorious for quickly heating up your PC.

After an hour, The NZXT Kraken X61 fans stopped rotating at 80 degrees. Upon investigation, I found out the Cam software had crashed due to extreme load. The actual temperature had shot to 89 degrees! 

So, X61 can reduce the CPU temperature up to 10 degrees even in extreme conditions. And for high-performance PC, system cooling maintenance is crucial.

With the Corsair H100i, I did the same work. And it held up pretty well up to a certain point. Then the coolant was powered down to prevent damage. Which it does at 98 degrees. 

In extreme conditions, Kraken X61 keeps the temperature lower than Corsair H100i. 

Then, I tried the coolant under normal circumstances. For example, playing games and doing some editing work that doesn’t push the CPU’s limits.

Both Kraken X61 and H100i GTX performed extremely well. The Corsair H100i GTX did exceptionally well because the temperature was under control the entire time. 

Winner: Corsair H100i GTX.


Set your desktop PC in a room with proper airflow or AC.


Fan noise is a pretty big concern for high-spec PC users. Because it can disrupt their attention while doing work that requires intense focus. 

At 50% use, the Kraken X61 fans’ are almost silent. At 70%, you start to hear the noise. However, at maximum capacity, the noise goes up to only 37 dBA. 

For Corsair H100i GTX, the fans are exceptionally quiet considering their high RPM. even when the rpm exceeds 1500 you can barely hear the noise. H100i fan noise is also 37 dBA at maximum.

And, there may be cases where your case fans will run slowly. Just check your BIOS and change the fan RPM.

Overall, the Corsair H100i fan is quieter than Kraken X61.

Winner: Corsair H100i GTX.

Corsair H100i GTX
Source: Corsair Community


NZXT Kraken X61 is currently unavailable from its original manufacturer NZXT. This model has been discontinued. However, you can find X61 on resell marketplaces. 

On the other hand, the corsair H100i GTX is much more available than the X61. 

Winner: Corsair H100i GTX.


Check out your pawn shops nearby for exciting deals on coolers.


NZXT is up for a resell value of around $308. And Corsair H100i GTX brand new ones cost only 1/3rd of X61. You can purchase one for $110!.

Judging by the price, Corsair H100i GTX takes the cake. 

Winner: Corsair H100i GTX.

Which One to Choose

So, it’s time for the final verdict. After I judged every aspect of both the X61 and H100i GTX. I think both are really great for their price point. But the decision really depends on the user. 

Aesthetic-wise, the Corsair H100i GTX looks really sleek and is customizable. It has high rpm with 120mm fans. It also performs exceptionally well. Speaking of the aesthetic design, check out this person’s PC with Corsair H100i GTX.

At the time when Kraken x61 came out, it performed even better than Corsair coolants. And it can handle overclocked PC really well. 

If you get your hands on a NZXT Kraken X61, then you should obviously go for it. However, if you cannot find one, then Corsair H100i GTX is ideal. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the NZXT Kraken A Good Cooler?

NZXT Kraken X and Z series coolants are one of the best-performing liquid coolants. They can keep the temperature down up to 10 degrees during high-performing tasks. The mounting mechanism is really easy for these coolants. You can easily fit these in a mid-towering casing with no mod.

Will The Corsair H100i Leak?

According to Corsair, only 1% of sold the H100i liquid coolant leaked the coolant. The coolant liquid is green in color for V2. And leaks into sleeving of the hose. However, for the most part. You don’t really need to worry about the liquid leaking out. Because 99% of the chance, it won’t. 

Does Corsair H100i Work With iCUE?

Corsair H100i GTX has a built-in system for iCUE. It depends on the software for its function control. You can increase or decrease the fan RPM with iCue. You can easily monitor your CPU temperature and adjust the performance. Additionally, you can change the LED lights to match your aesthetic.


That concludes the article on NZXT Kraken X61 vs Corsair H100i GTX for liquid cooling

The article will hopefully help you to decide which coolant is better for you. What do you think suits you better? Let me know.

Good luck!

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