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High Specs RAM Running at 800MHz: What’s Wrong?

We all like to use RAMs with higher frequencies to get the optimum performance. However sometimes despite using 1600 or higher MHz RAM, the computer runs at 800MHz. 

Why is the RAM running at 800MHz?

Your PC might’ve failed to detect the right frequency. Or else, your motherboard might not support your RAM. It can also happen for the DDR count or faulty BIOS setting. Wrong slot placement can also cause the issue. Using two RAMs with a different frequency can be responsible for the error as well.

That’s only the start of today’s topic. Still, there are many things left to be unveiled. So buckle up and look what we got to offer!

RAM Running at 800MHz: Good or Bad?

RAM running at 800MHz is mostly normal. But sometimes it can also happen due to internal problems within the computer. In order to identify the reasons behind this phenomenon, you have to check some factors carefully. 

But why is 1600mhz ram running at 800?

It’s common for DDR RAMs to show 800MHz while using 1600MHz RAMs. This happens due to the advanced technology used in the RAM. But if the computer shows 800MHz for RAMs higher than 1600MHz, it is a matter of concern.

1600mhz ram running at 800
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It is only normal until the half frequency of the RAM is displayed by the computer. If the displayed frequency is less than half, it is time to check the computer. It can happen for various issues. And these issues can be solved easily if proper steps are taken in time.

Why Is RAM Running at 800MHz?

There are many causes for which the RAM runs at 800MHz. Like 1600MHz RAM running at 800MHz according to the task manager. It’s not always a problem. Most of the time it is normal. Your RAM is running at the right frequency, but it shows less.

We found some causes that can result in your RAM running at a lower frequency than the applied one. Here we have discussed the most common five reasons. Take a look at all these causes.

Cause 1: Due to Double Data Rate Calculation

Double Data Rate gives two data in one signal. And DDR is a standard for tagging RAM performance.

Why is DDR RAM running at 800MHz?

There is an app for counting the data frequency. It’s called the CPU-Z app. Despite being reliable for PC info, it can show the frequency data in half. Suppose your RAM is 1600MHz. Then the CPU-Z app will show it at 800MHz. It’s normal for DDR technology Rams. But if it shows less than 800MHz then that is a problem. 

Also showing 800MHz frequency for RAMs more than 1600MHz is a problem.

Cause 2: Motherboard Does Not Support the RAM

Motherboards are available in different RAM frequencies. The limit is already set. So you might add RAM with a higher frequency than the limit. Then it will not work.

Suppose your motherboard can support 800MHz. If you add 1600MHz or more, it will not work. It will work at 800MHz. It will not run at 1600MHz. So this can be the main problem why your RAM is running at 800MHz.

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These motherboards will make sure you get to experience your RAM at its best. All the time! 

Keep in mind that these motherboards are only compatible with Ryzen processors. And also, some Ryzen processors might not run without GPUs. Given that the motherboard supports internal graphics APUs and display ports.

Cause 3: The BIOS Setting Is Not Correct 

BIOS sets the data flow in the computer operating system. If your BIOS is on 800MHz, then your pc will run into that frequency. 

Using more than 800MHz will make your PC unresponsive to that frequency.

Cause 4: Unmatched RAM Frequency

Why does my 1600MHz RAM run at 800MHz?

It can happen for the unmatched RAM. It is a big reason that causes this issue. You can add more RAM to your computer. But if there is unmatched RAM present, your computer will run in the lowest one.

Suppose you have added two RAMs to your computer. One is 800MHz, and another one is 1600MHz. Then your computer will run at 800MHz.

my 1600MHz RAM run at 800MHz
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Cause 5: Using Wrong RAM Slots

The wrong memory slot can result in your RAM running at 800MHz. A RAM slot gives space to the RAM inserted into the computer. If there is a problem in the setting then the frequency will be wrong.

You may find out that the memory slot is chronological. The chronological setting will give the wrong data frequency. Sometimes the RAM slot can be blocked by CPU fans. That can also lead to the issue.

These five are the common problems. If you match any of them with your computer, then the answer is given below.

4 Ways to Fix RAMs Running at 800MHz

Memory running at 800MHz instead of 1600 can be fixed by following some simple tricks. Here we have discussed four solutions below for you.

Increase the Motherboard Capacity:

There is no way to increase the capacity of the motherboard. So you need to change the motherboard. Motherboards are expensive. If your motherboard capacity is low, you can change it. But you have to pay a lot for this.

Rectify the BIOS Settings:

When you start your pc, BIOS is the first thing to load. You need to go to the system after opening the pc. The BIOS sets the frequency. Check the BIOS. If it is not the same as the RAM then correct it.

This can fix your RAM running at half speed.

BIOS setting is a hard thing to do. If you are an expert at setting it, then you can go for it. But if you are not confident enough, then you should call a professional.

Use Matched RAM: 

RAM can be added to the motherboard. If there is unmatched RAM then you should change it. The lowest RAM frequency is always shown by the computer. 

Suppose you want to run your computer on 1600MHz. Then you should use two equal RAM. It means using two RAMs giving 800MHz frequency.

RAM running at half speed
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Looking for the perfect RAM combo with matching memory speed? We got exactly what you need! Check out these amazon 3200MHz combos for your PC:

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Using the above-recommended combo will not only fix the issue but can also get you higher performance. Thanks to the impressive 3200MHz, you can get a boost in memory speed to your 800MHz.

Use Correct RAM Slots:

The motherboard has several slots. You may set the RAM into the wrong slot. How can you fix it? Suppose your motherboard has four slots. Then you should set the RAM into the first and third slots. Then you can set the other into the second and fourth numbers.

Some motherboards represent the slots like a1, a2, b1, and b2. Then you should first set the RAM into a1 and then b1. Then if you add more RAM, fix it in a2 then b2.

These are the possible ways to make your RAM run at full speed.

There are many other problems. You may not suffer from any of these problems. Then you should call in a professional. It will not be a wise decision to waste the expensive device for lack of knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 1600 MHz RAM Good for Gaming?

1600MHz is fine for gaming. But it can’t do well while dealing with high-end games of recent times. You can go with a 2400MHz for greater impact on gaming.

Can I Use 2400MHz RAM in a 3200MHz Motherboard?

Yes, you can use 2400MHz RAM in a 3200MHz motherboard. You can use up to 3200MHz and below the range easily.

Can I Pair 3000MHz with 3200MHz RAM?

You should not pair 3000MHz with 3200MHz RAM. RAM should be used on the same frequency. Fix two 3000MHz RAM or two 3200MHz RAM.


That’s all I have on RAM running at 800mhz. We have tried to give you some ideas about the problems. Also gives you the possible answer.

If you are a newbie, then try to fix it with the help of an expert.

Good luck!

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