Ryzen 7 5700g Keeps Crashing

Ryzen 7 5700g Keeps Crashing: Here’s How to Get Rid of the Issue!

Everyone hates it when their computer crashes while working. And the culprit behind it is oftentimes the processor.

AMD Ryzen has released one of the strongest lines of processors of the current generation. However, hiccups like this can make you question the processors. Among all the models, the Ryzen 7 5700 tends to keep crashing a lot.

But, why does Ryzen 7 5700g keeps crashing?

Ryzen 7 5700g keeps crashing because of Internal issues with CPU, RAM, and other drivers. Compatibility issues with other PC components can lead to frequent crashing. Heavy gaming can be yet another reason for the crashing. 

We went over all the possible reasons in detail and incorporated three simple solutions to the problems. To find out the solutions, keep reading. 

3 Core Reasons Why Ryzen 7 5700g Keeps Crashing

Ryzen holds a great reputation as the highest performing processor in comparison to its competitor. The Ryzen 7 5700g is its newest model so far. Despite being known as one of it’s most successful CPU launch, the Ryzen 7 5700G has some issues.

Source: hitechglitz.com

Most of the users experience frequent crashes while playing heavy games. Doom, dirt 2.0 are a few of those games. 

However, heavy gaming can’t really damage such a strong CPU. The main fault is something else. In this type of case, RAM is considered to be at fault. But before jumping to any conclusion, it’s better to know other potential problems. 

Let’s look at the top three potential reasons for the Ryzen 7 5700g freezing issue:

Reason 1: Faulty Driver

The first suspicion falls on the drivers. Every time it crashes, the AMD driver timeout message pops up. This easily made the user think it was the drivers that were not working. 

Whenever such a problem occurs most of us reinstall the OS. This doesn’t eliminate the problem entirely. Even when the problem isn’t the drivers.

So, keep going to search for the root cause.

Reason 2: Incompatible RAM

Incompatible RAM or overclocked RAM is a common term in this situation. When RAM is incompatible it couldn’t work with the CPU and motherboard. Thus, they crash your PC. 

Also, replacing RAM with the one that isn’t QVL listed can cause crashes. So, while working with RAM you need to be aware of compatibility and QVL listing.

Reason 3: Unstable CPU

Unstable CPU can also be a problem. It can hit up the processor and crash your PC. A CPU error can keep your computer dark. And in worse case scenario, an unstable CPU can give rise to Ryzen 5700G heating issue.

But, CPU can be a major issue. To make sure it’s a CPU issue you’ve to do a prime95 test. Which will be discussed in the latter part of this article. 

Let’s look into the tests we can run to find out the issue.

2 Types of Test to Identify the Problem

To identify a definite problem you can run two types of tests on your computer. These tests can tell whether the problem is in RAM or CPU. 

Test 1: HCI Memtest 

HCI Memtest is a RAM stability test. This test will find the compatibility of RAM with the motherboard, CPU, and other components.

If the test fails, you need to replace your RAM or adjust RAM sticks.

It’s better to do a 1000% coverage to get the real cause. This test gives accurate results in no time. Although the timing of this test depends on how many memory sticks your RAM has.

If RAM passes the test then the problem is the CPU.

Test 2: Prime95 Test

The Prime95 test is a versatile tool. It can check the stability of both RAM and CPU. If you’ve done Memtest already, run this test for CPU only.

After downloading the tool, you’ll find a torture test option. This option will measure the highest load your CPU can handle.

If your CPU fails, then it’s obvious why it crashed while playing heavy games. 

Source: techspot.com

Hopefully, by running these two tests you’ll find the reason why your Ryzen 7 5700g got no display after crashing.

But, where is the DIY solution?

It’s in the next part. You’ll find out how to solve the issue at home by yourself.

3 Ways to Solve the Problem

So far you’ve invested time and effort to identify the cause. Now it’s time to do some action.

Here, we have listed three easy ways to fix the bug.

Solution 1: Create Bootable Flash Driver

If it’s your driver that causes the problem, then you’ve to follow this part. 

You can create a bootable flash drive. It’ll help protect your PC from the new problems windows carry after installing a new version. Whenever our PC crashes we immediately hit the ‘install update’ option. Little do we know it invites more bugs to the already existing Ryzen 7 5700g problems.

Solution 2: Replace RAM

When your PC crashes because of broken RAM sticks, it’s time to remove it. Removing one stick often helps. But we’ll suggest you replace it with a new set of RAM. The one that is faster and most importantly QVL permitted.

RAMs have come a long way in the last couple of decades. With performance-enhancing upgrades, they are now faster than ever. But much of that performance depends on how you pair up the RAM with the processors. 

Pairing up with different processors impacts your RAM’s performance. And the same is also true for Ryzen 7 5700G. So, to help you out, we are recommending some RAMs that perform best when used alongside Ryzein 7 5700G:

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 RAMGreat Compatibility Range
Great Overclocking abilities
Defaults to 2133 MHz
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Crucial Ballistix DDR4 DRAM 16GB (8GBx2) RAMSolid build and high performance
Micron E memory chips
Low profile fittings
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G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin SDRAM Fast Performance
Simple Overclocking
Sharp and Tactful Appearance
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Try these RAMs out with your Ryzen 7 5700 and find out a greater performance you are yet to experience!

Hopefully, this will give you a no-lagging gaming experience. Now, let’s see what we can do with our CPU issue.

Solution 3: Overclock CPU

Prime95 test identifies issues with CPU. Issues like extreme stress on your PC. A 4 GB PC can’t run software that requires a minimum of 8GB storage smoothly.  If you try to do so, you’re putting that extra pressure. 

Sometimes you just open up a lot of tabs altogether. This unknowingly gives stress to your PC. Also, Ryzen 7 5700g is not strong enough to run AAA games on a 1080p high-resolution display. Doing so will add up the stress level.

But, how can we solve this issue?

First, you can try resetting the motherboard’s BIOS. For this, you have to restart your windows. There you’ll get the instructions on how to load BIOS. Just follow those steps.

After doing so you can run another test to see the progress. If everything remains the same, you have to go further. Then you might have to increase the multimeter, and reset the voltage. And again run another stress test or prime95 test. 

We recommend you to get Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid liquid cooler if you’re used to heavy sessions of gaming. This will keep your PC cool for a long time and keep your processor from overheating.

Overclocking the CPU is time-consuming. So, just pray the culprit is not the CPU. Also, make sure that your CPU fan is properly installed before overclocking. If not, then reinstall it using quality thermal paste. Proper cooling is necessary to avoid overheating.

We also recommend using the best of the best Cooling fan for your PC as it tends to get really hot. You can try out Cooler Master Hyper 212 fan series as they are the best cooling fan to this day. 

Source: hexus.net

Along with CPU, there can be another similar issue with GPU. But instead of overclocking, you need to downclock GPU. Not downclocking GPU will increase the heat and cause frequent crashes.

So, before picking up any solution, understand the core problem.

Additional Hack: Users also faced similar problems with their Ryzen 7 5700X. They tried to upgrade the BIOS version. And it helped improve PC performance along with Ryzen’s AMD driver.

Not just that, a BIOS update fixes incompatibility between PC components that are connected to your AMD driver. 

However, it doesn’t fix every problem. Like when the PC won’t start despite being connected with GPU. Here you need to change or downclock the GPU.

BIOS can only help solve windows related problems that cause AMD Ryzen 7 5700G to crash.

Finally, we have found DIY solutions to 5700g issues. Now you know what to do and how to do that. Hopefully, you can fix the issue without going to the repair shop.


Is Ryzen 7 5700G compatible with Gigabyte B550M DS3H?

Yes, Ryzen 7 5700g is compatible with a gigabyte B550M DS3H motherboard. Compatibility is very important for any computer to perform smoothly. So while buying the processor make sure to check for compatibility.

Is Ryzen 7 5700G good for gaming?

Ryzen 7 5700 is good enough for games that require low-mid specs for running. Ryzen 7 5700g comes with 1080p low settings. So, games like Valorant, and Fortnite can easily be played. But it’s not suitable for  AAA titles (ex; AC Valhalla). It’s always the best option for casual light gaming. 

Why Does Ryzen 7 5700G Have No Display? 

Your Ryzen 7 5700G might not show display due to the CPU fan not spinning. If you’ve already fixed power pins, try updating the BIOS. If all these fail, you can try using a new HDMI cable. RAM slots can also cause the problem. In this case, you can reset RAM by removing RAM sticks.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you’ve understood our guidelines. Now, you know why Ryzen 7 5700g keeps crashing and how to fix it.

If the problem is resulted due to any internal damage, it’s best to replace the damaged components. Consulting an expert is highly recommended if you’re not experienced in dealing with computer components.

That’s all. Goodbye!

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