Thermaltake Fans Not Spinning

What’s the Solution If Thermaltake Fans Not Spinning?

It isn’t new that PC enthusiasts use a lot of add-ons with their PC. It has actually become a hobby upgrading PC as something mesmerizing to look at. And Thermaltake fans have been one of the items that adds some extra to your build. 

But recently, many users are experiencing difficulties like issues with spinning.

So, what to do if you see thermaltake fans not spinning?

You can try resolving Thermaltake fans not spinning issue in a number of ways. First, reboot your PC to see if the problem ends. If not then clean the fans properly. You may also check the power supply unit. See, if there’s an issue to fix in the motherboard. Finally, reset the BIOS too, if needed.

This is something to be actually worried about. So you have to proceed with caution. But no worries! I have explained everything in a detailed guideline here.

Let’s dive in!

How Do I Know If the Fans are Actually Spinning or Not?

You can not actually have any automatic inspection to see if the fans are moving. But do not be stressed over that. 

Because rather, what you can do is check it manually. Just look at the part where the Thermaltake fans are located.

See, if these fans are spinning at a proper speed. If you see that the fans have a lower speed, there might be an issue.

But if you see the fans are not moving then you know those are faulty. And this means you must replace the fans immediately if you can’t fix them.

However, if the fans are moving then you can be tension-free with those. So, this is how you can manually check the thermaltake fans to rotate.

Probable Reasons Behind Thermaltake Fans Not Spinning

Thermaltake fans are quite appraised with their quality. But if you see Thermaltake fans are not spinning, hold on a bit. You can fix this and hopefully, this isn’t the end of these fans.

So, why do thermaltake fans stop spinning? Well, this happens due to a lot of reasons actually. 

The first and the foremost thing that stops these fans from spinning is dust particles. When the Thermaltake fans spin, they can catch dust particles floating around.

And gradually there might be a clogged dust chunk deposited with time. As a result of this, the thermaltake fans stop spinning. And this also stops the fan hub from working properly.

Source: Paisley PC Doctor

This picture looks familiar right? We’ve all faced these clogged-with-the-dust fans so many times in our life.

However, there are other obvious reasons for this too. But most of the other problems are internal and technical. 

Any wiring issues could be a factor, driving this problem. There might be hardware problems due to which Thermaltake fans may have disruptions spinning.

The Thermaltake fan needs enough energy to spin properly. But failing to get a proper supply of energy would halt the fans to spin accordingly. 

So, these are the main reasons for your Thermaltake fans not to spin. But you need to resolve them once you notice them. Otherwise, there will be overheating issues with your precious PC.

Remember the fans having issues spinning might also lead to aio pump issues. But that’s for the liquid cooling system.

Hey! Let’s not divert away from our main topic. So, we should dive into the next segment to see the solutions unfold in detail.

How to Fix Thermaltake Fans That are Not Spinning?

Fixing Thermaltake fans could actually be easier than you think. You might need any kind of professional assistance if you are lucky enough.

So, take a look here to fix your Thermaltake fans that are not spinning.

Solution 1: Reboot Your PC

The first thing we consider when there’s a problem with a PC is restarting it. And this can even be useful if there is an external problem linked to the PC.

Like, Thermaltake fan issues are not internal but external. But this is actually significantly linked to the PC operations.

Sometimes, restarting the PC can give a quick impulse that the fans might need. As a result of this, the fans might start spinning again properly.

Although it sounds very simple, it actually is effective often. But if this solution doesn’t work, you may move on to the next.

Solution 2: Clean the Thermaltake Fan

This is the most effective solution to make your fan spin properly again. Because most of the time the culprit behind Thermaltake fans not spinning is the clogged dust.

You know fans get dust particles caught almost every time. So, cleaning the fans is necessary to have a good spin.

You can use a dry cloth to wipe off the dust from the fan. But do not use a wet or damp cloth to wipe off the fans. Because water particles might get inside the CPU anytime.

Another way is to get yourself an air duster. As a PC enthusiast having an air duster is kind of a must. I usually use Brigii Mini Vacuum for the last two years.

Before that I had used two different air dusters. Here they are-

If you are not confident enough to clean this, don’t do it. You may ask for professional help. Because any kind of damage while cleaning this might cost you a lot.

If you plan to get started with cleaning, clean the PC as well. Because this would be a good time to give your PC a good touch-up.

And by PC I mean all the hardware like the CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Otherwise, you might end up like this fella-

For the keyboard, you may use a cleaner gel if you want. And if you are not sure about it, here’s an idea that you might need.

Product NamePrice
ColorCoral Cleaning Gel Check Latest Price
Fesciory Dust Cleaning GelCheck Latest Price

If you’re not a fan of cleaning gel then I suggest you get yourself a keyboard cleaning kit.

Hope this helps!

Solution 3: Check The Power Supply Section

For a problem with the power supply, you need to reckon first. There is various software used to detect issues with the power supply. Such as AIDA64 Extreme, Iolo System Mechanic, Open Hardware Monitor, and HWMonitor.

So, try to detect the issue first rather than randomly accessing anything. Once you find an issue, fix it accordingly. If needed replace the PSU.

There are many great PSUs in the market. But be careful while choosing. You need to be precise with the wattage output PSU. Otherwise, your motherboard or some other part might crash.

PSUWattage AvailablePrice
ARESGAME Power Supply Unit500W, 750W, 850W, 1000WCheck Latest Price
Corsair RMX Series Power Supply Unit550W, 650W, 750W, 850W, 1000WCheck Latest Price
EVGA Power Supply1000WCheck Latest Price

Solution 4: Inspect the Motherboard

Remember that sometimes the fans are not the problem. But rather you need to check for any issues with the motherboard.

Any issues with the motherboard would have an effect on your PC in various ways. So, this can indicate the issues with the motherboard.

Source: VistaCreate

But for deep inspection, you need to contact an expert. He can inspect and fix the problem if any.

Solution 5: Reset the BIOS

Resetting the BIOS might help Thermaltake to spin properly. So, you may consider doing this too.

  • To begin, shut down your PC and wait for a few minutes. Then press the power button and F2 along with that. This would get you to the BIOS setup.
  • Then for a couple of seconds until the BIOS box appears. You would find settings there and find the reset option. You can also press F9 to reset the BIOS.
  • Then press F10 and exit after saving the progress. And that would restart your PC as usual after resetting the BIOS. 

So, that is how you reset the BIOS properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the Thermaltake fan perform on our PC?

Well, Thermaltake fans have been doing great from the start of their journey. The performance of these fans is really great. Although these fans can run really fast, they have no noise. These fans are effective and efficient to use. Your PC would not be hot using these.

Can I change the color of the RGB fan while spinning?

Yes, you can change the color of the fan anytime. But it is better to change the color when it is not operating. You can find an icon on the body of the fan. There you would notice a small button through which you can modify the settings. You may change the speed of it too.

Can I use Thermaltake fans with any brand of PC?

Yes, Thermaltake fans have compatibility with a wide range of various PCs. So, you can say that it is compatible with any PC. Starting from laptop to Macbook or iMac, these are good to use. For further queries or confusion, you can ask the shop owner while buying them.

Bottom Line

Now you know what to do if you see Thermaltake fans not spinning! We believe the information and instructions are clear enough for you.

Remember, you always need to keep the fans clean and dirt-free. But do not anyway use any damp cloth to cleanse the fans. This might even damage your CPU if you do so.

All the best!

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