USB Repeat Acceleration

USB Repeat Acceleration: Everyone’s Cup of Tea?

Having a USB mechanical keyboard is a blessing. Also, there’s a hidden feature that may come in handy for you. USB repeat acceleration is one of them.

So, what is USB repeat acceleration?

USB repeat acceleration means tweaking USB repeat or boosting it. The number of times a key repeats while held down is USB repeat.  This feature gives you increased response rate. However, for those who use keyboards for typing, it may create problems. Pressing a key once can repeat it twice.

But, these are just the tip of the iceberg. We have to dive down deeper for a better understanding.

So, let’s jump right in!

What is USB Repeat?

To know in-depth about USB repeat acceleration first let’s learn the basics. What is the USB repeat? 

In short, when a key repeats while held down for a period is USB repeat. For instance, by pressing the key W it may repeat 15 times within a second. You may notice a short gap before the key repeats itself.


When connecting through USB or PS/2, there may be some discrepancies. When using a PS/2 keyboard, you may be able to alter the repetition rate. However, most modern mechanical keyboards are equipped with the option.

Let’s dive into the next section for more details.

Why Do You Need USB Repeat Acceleration?

Now you got an idea about the USB repeat rate. But what is USB repeat acceleration? 

USB repeat acceleration is the way to tweak the USB repeat rate. For example, you can increase the repeat rate of keys to 20 times per second. It is a useful feature for many people. 

However, many people may face certain problems. The mechanical keyboard’s spacebar malfunctioning is one of them.

Pros And Cons of USB Repeat Acceleration

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of USB repeat acceleration. Obviously, the feature has some advantages. But, it also has some drawbacks that will be problematic for users.


Let’s see some pros of the feature.

Gaming Advantage

Any gamers know the meme of pressing the W key twice to sprint. However, many prefer to play a game that way.

But don’t worry. You can gain the same advantages with a high response rate using USB repeat acceleration.

Typing Advantage

Having a busted key is a huge problem. The response rate is slower, hence you will face issues when typing.

But, using the accelerated USB repeat rate you can eliminate the issue. On the plus side, you won’t need to press a key hard. Ultimately, you will get a soothing experience.

High Response with Weak Wireless Connectivity

Who doesn’t hate cables? Many PC users want a neat look. But, the cables become an obstacle. So, they prefer using a wireless connection.

However, at a distance, the wireless connection can get weak. Or, using multiple Bluetooth connections, your keyboard may respond late. But fear not! Your keyboard’s response rate can still be high using USB repeat acceleration.



Now let’s look at the disadvantages of USB repeat acceleration.

Typing Error

The very common scenario of using accelerated USB repeat is typing error. As a writer, no one wants to face the issue. But, if you use USB repeat acceleration facing it may become common.

For example, you want to type the word “wood”. But because of the feature, the letter ‘W’ will be typed twice. You have to delete the repeated letters over and over. With each key, it can happen. No writer wants to face this hassle!

Keyboard Malfunction

Your keyboard may malfunction when using the feature. Because USB keyboards have low fetch key response. So, you’re making your keyboard work harder by using the feature.

As your keyboard processes, more responsively malfunction can become a common thing. But, keeping the USB repeat rate at a suitable rate won’t cause the issue.

Computer or Laptop Crashing

You should not put too much pressure on your computer. If the components are old, then it’s a big no. 

Yet some prefer to use the USB repeat acceleration. With an accelerated USB repeat rate the computer processes at a high level. This may cause your computer to crash. But you can easily fix crashing computers.

These are the pros and cons of the USB repeat acceleration. No, let’s give my verdict on the feature.

Do All USB Keyboards Have USB Repeat Acceleration?

All USB keyboard repeat rates are adjusted by the company. This means that repeat acceleration cannot be done via hardware. 

But, you can go to BIOS settings and change the keyboard response rate. That way you can adjust the USB repeat rate. 

Nevertheless, this scenario is changing. With the rise of esports tournaments, gamers want a variety of features for competitive advantage. Writers want a quick responsive keyboard for smoothly typing.

Hence, the USB repeat acceleration feature is gaining popularity. So, in the market, you will find many keyboards with this feature.

Keyboards that Have USB Repeat Acceleration

Big companies like Asus, Ducky, Rosewill, Corsair, etc. have the feature. So you get it, many keyboards can be found in the marketplace with the feature.

But, I have mentioned the three best keyboards with this feature. Using the compatible application, you can easily adjust the USB repeat rate

ASUS ROG Strix FlareBuy Now
Ducky One 2 Mini Mechanical KeyboardBuy Now
Rosewill Mechanical Gaming KeyboardBuy Now

Apart from these three, however, you will find other keyboards too. One of the fancy things is that many keyboards come with a case. You can also buy either a wood or aluminum keyboard case, depending on your preference.


Let’s jump to the next topic to find the pros and cons of USB repeat acceleration.

Is USB Repeat Acceleration Really Necessary?

If you made it this far, then you might be considering using the feature. Well, hold your horses!

The USB repeat acceleration is a great feature. If you are a gamer, you can use it for a higher response rate. Or with busted keys, the feature can be a temporary solution. 

On the other side of the coin, this feature can be problematic for writers. You don’t want interruption while typing anything.

Considering everything my suggestion will be to use the feature only if you need it.


Is a USB Memory Card Reader as Fast as a USB Pen Drive?

A USB pen drive is faster than a USB memory card reader. Typically, a good USB memory card reader’s bus speed is 50 MB/s. Nevertheless, Pendrive’s bus speed can be more than 100 MB/s. 

Is It Possible to Utilize an SD Card as a Flash Drive?

Not always. When it comes to connection, SD cards aren’t as adaptable as USB devices. USB drives just require a USB port, which is found on nearly all current PCs. For an SD card, you need a compatible slot. So, you can use it, but it’s tough to find a suitable slot.

Can USB Carry Uncompressed Video?

Both uncompressed and compressed videos may be sent through USB 3.0. The USB interface is unconcerned with the type of data being sent.


That’s all regarding USB repeat acceleration. 

Always keep your keyboard clean. Otherwise, dust can be a major issue for unresponsiveness. And we don’t want that!

Have a good day!

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