What Is PERIF on PSU

What Is PERIF on PSU? – All You Need to Know Get Here

Have you ever heard about PERIF? PERIF on PSU cables can provide you with a wide range of facilities. Well, it can also have some disadvantages.

But the basic doubt is – what is PERIF on PSU?

PERIF on PSU functions as an intermediate between the power supply unit and the load. If you don’t have an ethernet port on a laptop, you can use this to gain high speed. It gives you a faster and smoother data transfer rate. You can also get the taste of high-quality graphics.

The article will give you an idea of what PERIF is. And how it functions with your devices. It’s also going to explain the advantages of using this device.

So, let’s start!

General Overview of PERIF on PSU

There are many functions of PSU cable in your PC. If you are a student who needs a high-speed internet connection PERIF can help you. Even if there’s no Ethernet port on your laptop. 

Now we’ll be discussing the many aspects of Perif on PSU. Let’s have a look-

Working Mechanism

PERIF is a type of passive electronic component used in power cables utilized in the UK. The function of the PERIF on PSU cable is to control the flow of current. It does this in the DC cable by impedance matching, irrespective of its value. 

Source: linustechtips

The main purpose for which PERIFs are used is with high-quality efficient equipment. Such as electric motors, computers, and other electronic equipment. You can also find SATA on PSU and also PSU with no Molex.

Every PSU comes with an adapter that converts between power (120v) and radio frequency (RF). So your devices can be powered from the PSU’s outlet.

Composure And Functionality

There are different types of PSU, Along with them comes various cables. PE (hot), N (neutral), GND (ground), and RI. PERIF is not a wire but there’s a connector for it on PSU cables. It functions as an intermediate between the load and the power supply. 

For this, during the construction phase, a large current could be provided to lights or other devices. It can be done by tapping onto this cable. 

While at the same time they can be protected from overcurrent protection mechanisms. It’s done by disengaging it when not in use or when the load has been removed.

As we all know, the PSU (power supply unit) is the heart of the PC. But where to plug in PERIF cable? There are many things attached to it. And the most important one is the cable. 

This cable supplies power to the CPU, graphic cards, RAM, and other devices. The PERIF connector on the PSU is attached to the cable that supplies power to your CPU.

There is more. It’s not just a cable that supplies power to the CPU. It’s also connected with other devices and responsible for their functionality.

LED cable and PSU cables supply power to them so that they work properly. Some parts of the hard disk and floppy disk use PERIF on PSU cables as do with CDROM.

The data cable connects with Data Bus on the motherboard. The LED cable is connected to a Bus line on the motherboard. And PSU cables are connected to various components through correct connectors.


Let’s talk about the advantages of PERIF on PSU cables in your laptop or PC. Well, there are quite many advantages to the PSU cable. 

It’s a great way of protecting and preventing different laptop parts from damage.

We now know that the PERIF on PSU cables allows for safety protection. But what about performance?

Yes, this cable will also maintain excellent performance on your laptop or PC! You’re looking at faster data transfer rates and better high-definition graphics because of this cable!

If you are thinking about taking PERIF cables, here’s our recommendation.

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One of the drawbacks of conventional power supply unit cables is that they can become bent. Or they can get caught on objects. This may put a serious strain on the cable. 

The PSU cable is also exposed to dust. This could potentially damage its internal workings over time.

The benefits of PERIF cables are not without caveats. Because these cables are thinner, they don’t have adequate room for wires and connectors.

Should You Use It?

The confusion about whether to use PERIF or not persists among many.

There are several benefits to using PERIF on PSU. The cable is convenient and easy to install. Networking at home becomes easier without the hassle of running a network cable. 

However, you need to hide your wires for aesthetic purposes. Whether it’s a wall, floor, or roof installation, you don’t want your cables showing from afar. It’s cheap enough. You shouldn’t worry about running out of space along a wall or ceiling.

So now it’s completely up to you whether you want to use it or not. 


Where Should the PERIF Wire Be Plugged in?

PERIF wire can be connected with USB ports/audio connections. They are most likely PERIF cables. As well as any additional ports in front of the computer.

Is it Possible to Connect SATA to PERIF?

No.  SATA and PERIFare the same ports. So you cannot connect one with the other. But they are interchangeable. But they can be connected with similar devices.

What does VGA mean on a PSU?

If your power supply has wires labeled “VGA,” those cables are for powering your graphics card. VGA is Video Graphics Array. It’s the chipset to show graphics.

Winding Up

We hope that now you know what is PERIF on PSU. Keep in mind that these things are very sensitive. 

So always make sure if the cables are compatible with one another or not.

Till then, all the best!

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