What’s Happening Now at Oversumo

What’s Happening Now at Oversumo?

Oversumo, the all-in-one Overwatch companion app, was shut down on 10/05/2019 due to some unknown breaches in specific policies.

Since then, many Overwatch players, including us, haven’t found a perfect alternative to Oversumo yet.

After the shutdown of the Oversumo app, one of my friends suggested that I purchase the “oversumo.com” domain and rebrand this as a PC building blog, as he knew my interest and expertise in PC building.

So, I purchased the domain and was absolutely clueless about what to do with it for the first few months. But as time passed, we (my friend and I) researched the resources available online regarding PC building.

And we’ve found a general lack of resources on the web on this topic. Thus, we decided to publish content focusing on PC building issues that are yet to be addressed.

Who Are The People Behind Oversumo?

We started writing about infrequent PC building issues that I personally faced during my builds. And with time, we became more efficient in writing and addressing issues that many PC builders regularly face.

However, maintaining the blog with just two people was becoming more challenging over time. Hence, we expanded our team.

Oversumo now has a team of four highly experienced people to pursue this blog.

My friend and I are now writing valuable content for our community. But great content doesn’t always ensure a great user experience, right? 

So, we’re doing everything possible to make this platform as pleasing as possible. And to ensure the best user experience, we’ve employed a highly experienced WordPress publisher and an SEO expert.

What Will You Get from Oversumo?

Oversumo’s audience is getting larger every day. The appeal and appreciation from our audience are forcing us to expand the team even further.

Hence, we’re planning to invite some famous PC building authors to write for us.

This is to ensure that this single platform solves all the issues new PC builders might face. So, they don’t need to spend precious time looking for solutions on different platforms.

What’s the Goal of Oversumo?

Well, the goal of Oversumo is to “never stop helping PC builders.

Technology is evolving at a pace we might not have even imagined. So, the issues related to technology are never-ending as well.

Hence, the goal of Oversumo is to provide quality and helpful information to our audience ahead of any other platform. And this journey will never end!

So, stay with us to get the latest PC building news and solutions before anyone else.

To know more about the blog, visit the “About Oversumo” page.

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