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Is WiFi Antenna Inside PC Case A Good Idea? [Question Answered]

If you’re all about aesthetics, you want a clean table with the least equipment. When dealing with WiFi antennas, you’re most likely to keep them on the table. And that’s where the problem begins.

For that, can put a WiFi antenna inside a PC case? 

A WiFi antenna inside a PC case is never a good idea. Because most PC cases are made of metal and metal can block WiFi signals. If you do that, the WiFi signal will be extremely weak or simply there won’t be any. But there are other ways to fix the WiFi antenna’s wire management issues. 

Anyways that was nothing but just a summary of the entire discussion. Topics like these require a lot more explanation and I’m more than glad to provide it.

I’ve also discussed some other ways which won’t make your PC setup messy. Hang tight and stay with us till the end to know more about the wifi antennas.

Putting A WiFi Antenna Inside A PC case: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

The days of ethernet cables are almost over. Although there is a big share of people that do like a wired system. 

But wires always make a mess. They’re also prone to damage over time. Most importantly, they can ruin your perfect setup very easily. 

Because of that reason, many users like to keep everything wireless. But unfortunately, WiFi antennas aren’t completely wireless. 

Many motherboards come with a WiFi antenna for PC setup. These WiFi antennae are connected to the motherboard. But they stay on a stander which has to be on the table. 

And it can piss you off. After all, an extra stand will ruin the clean setup look. On top of that, there’s no point in wireless if you have to deal with wires!

Many users then wonder about putting the WiFi antenna inside of a PC

Unfortunately, a WiFi antenna inside of a PC is a bad idea.  Because WiFi signals will not work properly if it’s inside a metal box. Like electromagnetic waves, WiFi signals will simply get interrupted as a result. 

One close example of this will be the faraday cage. In the faraday cage, the electromagnetic waves can’t go outside. That’s because the metal around the wave is conductive. 

If your PC case is a mesh case, it may work but not efficiently. There are a lot of differences between mid-tower and micro-ATX cases

A meshy mid-tower case may not block the entire WiFi antenna signal. It’s still subjective and can happen so you can’t be fully sure. 

But a micro-ATX case will definitely block your WiFi signals completely. It’s smaller and a lot of m-ATX cases are metallic. 

WiFi antenna for PC installation ultimately has to be outside of a case. Because WiFi waves inside pc will not spread out properly. 

In simple words, putting WiFi inside a PC is just a really dumb idea. There’s simply no other way around it. Without spending any money, that is. 

But if you’re totally hellbent on keeping the setup clean, it’ll cost you money. Because it’ll involve other ways of doing the same work. 

But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. I’ve kept it simple for you and provided all the explanations.

WiFi inside a PC
Source: PCMag

2 Things To Do Instead Of Putting WiFi Antenna Inside a PC Case

I’ve already explained why you can’t put a WiFi antenna inside your PC case. Since this is an unfortunate situation, you’ll have to improvise accordingly. 

There are 2 options in front of you right now. Facing a dilemma like this is quite common when you try to build a PC. And it doesn’t stop at casings or processors. 

Even when buying graphics cards, people have to make tough decisions. For instance, upgrading from GTX 980 has many options. 

Luckily this is not as complex as choosing a graphics card upgrade. So, no need to worry. Simply look at the options and you can figure it out yourself. 

To keep it easy and simple, I’ve explained the processes one by one.

Option 1: Get A WiFi PCI-E Card

I am starting with the easiest option that you have. Getting a new WiFi PCI-E card will solve your problem instantly. In fact, people use it for wireless connections like this person.

Unlike your wired WiFi antenna, the WiFi PCI-E card has the antenna directly connected. All you need to do is connect the card to the PCI-E slot and you’re done!

The WiFi PCI-E card will work the same way as your motherboard’s built-in WiFi. The quality and performance will be the same for the most part.

But it’s better to buy one from reputed brands. It’s safer that way. 

There can be a couple of issues that you might face. Let’s talk about them for a while. 

The first problem is, of course, the money required to get one. Without a doubt, this is extra spending. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it. 

See it as an investment for a cleaner setup. 

Luckily, WiFi PCI-E cards aren’t that expensive. On top of that, they are usually available in any store. Go to any shopping center and ask for a WiFi PCI-E card. 

Make sure that it’s a WiFi PCI-E card with an antenna connected. 

The online shops also contain them and they’re very frequent. Be sure to check that the antennas are directly connected to the card. 

To make it easier for you, I’ve gone ahead and recommended our best picks-

For a cheap and reliable WiFi PCI-E card, check the TP-Link PCIe WiFi Card. You can check the product price on Amazon.

You will get a strong wireless connection with GIGABYTE WiFi PCIe Card. You can check for availability on Amazon.

If you want more compatibility for band types, check the ASUS AC750 Dual Band PCIe WiFi. You can check the price on Amazon.

You can choose whichever WiFi card you want and get started!

WiFi PCI-E card with an antenna
Source: The New York Times

Option 2: Improvise the PC Setup In Your Own Way

If you don’t want to pick the money option that’s totally alright. In that case, you’ll have to plan the setup yourself. 

The process can be easy or complex depending on your PC setup. The position of the PC case and the overall space will matter a lot. 

Before you start, check the wire length of the WiFi adapter. Because if it’s long enough you may hang it behind the computer desk. 

You also may have to reconsider your PC’s position. Try to pick a position that will hide the adapter. 

Other than that, you can also use some wire management. There are cable zip ties that you can use to hide the cables. 

All you have to do is route the cable nicely. Cable management is pretty easy and can be interesting if you’re creative. 

Ultimately, it’ll take some time to figure it out. But as long as the WiFi adapter isn’t in front of you, it’s fine. You can call it a success. 

You can obviously get a WiFi PCI-E card later sometime. But for now, that should be enough to make the setup look clean.

WiFi PCI-E card
Source: Reddit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the WiFi antenna do on my PC?

A WiFi antenna on your PC work as a signal booster. Since it’s boosting the signal, you also get a more reliable internet connection. When using wireless connection using only routers the signal may become weak and distorted. That’s why WiFi antennas are great to enhance the signal overall. 

Should I remove the router antenna plastic?

Removing the router antenna plastic doesn’t change anything. Because the plastic itself isn’t a conductive material. That is why it really doesn’t matter what you want to do with the plastic. If you want to keep it, let it stay there. But if you’re a plastic peeler, enjoy the peeling!

Does WIFI router antenna position matter?

In general, the WiFi router antenna position does not matter because it doesn’t change anything. That is what also manufacturers like to say. The general recommendation is to keep the antenna straight for a better balance. But many users like to position their device and antenna in the same way. 

Take Away

That was everything I could explain on the WiFi antenna inside the PC case. Hopefully, the discussion was helpful to you and gave you some insights. 

If you’re still not sure what to do, you can call the stores. Experts will give you a better solution. But most of them will tell you to get a WiFi PCI-E card anyway. 

Have a nice day!

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